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How the Wrong Jive Became the Right One

It turns out many companies in the world have similar names.

Ben Glasser found this out by accident while looking for his first real job out of college. Glasser had just graduated from the University of Portland in computer science and was looking for a place to ply his trade. Having heard about a company called Jive somewhere near Portland, he googled “Jive” and did some research. He failed to notice, however, that the company he was researching was located in Orem, Utah, not Portland.

He noticed when they set up the interview.

But since his research had turned up positive results, he decided to give the interview a shot. While there, he was blown away by how much he liked both the Utah Jive and Utah itself. A week later, he’d packed his belongings into a U-Haul truck and was on his way to Utah (where, true to cultural legend, his neighbors not only helped him move in but also brought him treats).

Glasser dove right into things at Jive. His first day happened to be a lecture-type day where he got immersed in Jive technology and acronyms. His second day was a race with him running—or swimming—hard to keep up. On his work atmosphere, Glasser said he wasn’t intimidated, but he was definitely humbled by all the smart, passionate people he got to work with. These people foster the culture of Jive, which is one of collaboration, communication, and openness. He also loves the work Jive’s doing with Voice over IP technology. He feels it’s the future of telecommunications and shares Jive’s desire to be the first to make this future happen.

The location turned out to be a boon as well. Glasser has found Utah to be a gorgeous place, with great weather for outdoor activities that range from motorcycling to snowboarding, depending on the time of year. He wouldn’t have thought of Utah as being an addictive place to live, but now that he’s here, he’s hooked. (Glasser is an atheist, by the way. Just a side note for those scared away from Utah for religious reasons.)

To someone thinking about working at Jive, Glasser cites the enthusiasm of the people already working here and say, “If all you want is a paycheck, a 9-5 job, and a place where it doesn’t matter how you perform, don’t come to Jive. You wouldn’t like it.” On the other hand, to those for whom software is a passion and working hard is a given, Glasser says, his eyes big, “Do it.”

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