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Working with VoIP

Allowing businesses to make telephone calls over the Internet, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is changing the face of telecommunication. Once an industry surrounded by copper wires, today’s modern telephone transmits data at high speeds over the Internet.

What is required for a functional VoIP system? Below are some helpful hints and tips to make current systems more functional.

  • Internet – A speed of 128Kbps is generally a required minimum. Eg 512/128 is far too slow for VoIP; 1500/256 is acceptable and 1500/512 is an excellent speed.
  • Internet Speeds – For VoIP, businesses need an Internet connection that has a low ping time. What is ping time? It is how long it takes the smallest amount of data to go from a computer, to the Internet and back again. It is possible for a company to have a high download speed with a slow ping time, as often occurs with satellite Internet connections.
  • Phone Adapters – Known as an ATA, this plugs into the Ethernet router and then into a standard style telephone.
  • VoIP Provider – Always select a VoIP provider that is reputable and provides excellent customer service. Jive is known for low prices, educated technical staff and specializes in working with small, medium and large-size businesses.
  • Codec Settings – A reputable VoIP provider can help a company determine which setting is appropriate for their needs. Typically, G726-32 is an excellent setting and makes network capacity usable at a 50-percent rate.
  • QoS – This Quality of Service is a feature on the Internet router. It helps prioritize phone calls over web browsing and such, ensuring that calls are not corrupted and the call’s quality is not sacrificed. This helps reduce any “choppiness” and ensures that customers are satisfied with call clarity.

Helping reduce operating costs and helping company’s keep their tight telecommunication’s budgets in check, VoIP business is helping revolutionize how companies complete day-to-day operations. With an abundance of features, including call queues, voicemail, call forwarding, three-way calling and auto attendants, VoIP phone systems help streamline day-to-day business operations, ensuring a boost in employee productivity and revenue.

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