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Who benefits from Jive?

Jive is a VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol – company that specializes in providing low cost, alternative business VoIP solutions to businesses.

What types of business can benefit from Jive’s VoIP hosted money-saving services? Any company – albeit it a large enterprise corporation or a small business – benefits from Jive’s discounted, all-inclusive business VoIP systems. This means businesses have the ability to allow their employees to spend a great amount of time with customers, while further reducing their overall telecommunications expenses.

Jive offers a number of features that companies find useful. These include auto attendants, call logs, call queues, voicemail, call reports, find-me follow-me features, caller ID, unified messaging, speed dial, music on hold, message on hold, custom schedules, call routing, desktop integration, remote access, virtual extensions, online fax, LDAP Integration, dial-by-name directory, ring groups, call transfers, call forwarding, Visual Dial Plan Editor, online PBX controls, call recording, intercom and much more.

A few examples of the types of companies that can greatly reduce their overall telecommunications expenses and benefit from switching to Jive’s hosted VoIP system include:

  • Sales Companies – Albeit it an individual real estate company or a large company that focuses on sales, saving money is necessary for a business of any size. Sales teams typically dominate a great deal of telephone services, placing local, long-distance and international calls. These monthly telecommunications bills can easily run into four or five figures. By switching to one of the business services offered by Jive, enables companies to save a bundle.
  • Call Centers – Often call centers not only receive but also make outbound calls worldwide. What better way to save money and even allow employees to work from the comfort of their own home, or while on the road, than by utilizing Jive’s inexpensive, exclusive VoIP phone systems.
  • Insurance Companies – Often times insurance adjusters, employees specializing in claims, or even insurance sales operations are required to place a number of calls to resolve customer service issues, losses and claims. Often times these may be emotional calls, so having an effective price point for a VoIP hosted telephone system provides money-saving advantages.
  • Traveling Employees – Nowadays with borders being open and companies sending people not only nationwide, but globally for business operations, the cost-effective need to provide employees with inexpensive, high-quality VoIP helps them stay in touch, maintain customer service relations and continue working while on the road.
  • Any Company! – Companies that have high call volumes, albeit inbound or outbound, can easily benefit from switching to a hosted VoIP service. Saving money in this economy is always beneficial to the bottom line.

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