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What is VoIP?

VoIP is Voice over Internet Protocol. This method allows conventional analog audio telephone signals to convert into digital data that effectively transmits over the Internet.

When this conversion occurs, something valuable happens: free telecommunication. By bypassing the traditional telephone company and their expensive fees, people are able to communicate directly over the Internet – hence, hosted VoIP is born. Anticipated to replace traditional telephone systems entirely, VoIP is considered the modern wave of the future, one that businesses should deeply embrace.

There are three main VoIP hosted business programs, which include:

  • ATA – This stands for Analog Telephone Adaptor; an ATA allows a traditional telephone to connect directly to a computer or Internet system using VoIP technologies. This allows traditional analog telephone systems to be converted into digital data for Internet transmission. These are easy to set up – simply plug in the necessary cables and the system is operable.
  • VoIP Phones – While these appear to resemble a tradition telephone, VoIP small business phone systems use a RJ-45 Ethernet connection. This means that VoIP phones connect directly to the computer’s router.
  • Computer-to-Computer – Computer software that features free calling is also a type of VoIP technology. The software only requires a computer sound card, speakers and a microphone.

VoIP also offers call monitoring. These features are essential, as well as call queuing, for businesses that operate any type of large call center. This allows companies to monitor the hardware and software solutions for quality assurance, ensuring that customers receive excellent audio and not poor, subpar quality.

VoIP services dramatically increase functionality by automatically routing incoming calls to a VoIP phone, which also allows call center agents to work anywhere where they have access to an Internet connection! Imagine the further cost savings when companies can have employees work from home periodically.

Not only is VoIP less expensive, it provides a plethora of different features that are a must-have for all small and large businesses in today’s economy. Plans feature free long-distance, though inexpensive and affordable international rates are applicable. VoIP services allows companies to fully utilize the technology they already have – harnessing their current broadband connection and computer and turning into a product that provides inexpensive telephone services. Not only is VoIP fully portable, the maintenance is extremely low and highly reliable.

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