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What Is Jive Voice?

Since starting in 2006, Jive has focused primarily on Hosted VoIP as a service, and that continues to be the core of our company. But contrary to Shakespeare’s famous heroine, a name can make all the difference. Jive’s cloud-based phone service is now called Jive Voice, and with that small change comes a radical shift in Jive’s vision. Here’s how.

  • Using Jive Voice will be easier than ever with improved applications.

Our application for Jive Mobile (previously called Jive Mobility) has already helped thousands of Jive customers to work on the go. But we wanted to do more. We’ve made a few upgrades to Jive Mobile and changed the name to match. And with Jive Web and Jive Desktop, conversations through the cloud will now be available through your laptop and browser, any time you need.

The beta for Jive Desktop has been officially opened to the public, with Jive Web integrations to follow. If you’re a customer, you can download the Jive Desktop beta in the Chrome Web Store.

  • New name aside, Jive Voice still has all the features you love.

Jive Voice comes with over 80 voice features, including favorites like auto attendants and call forwarding. It’s the ultimate scalable phone service, giving you the power to change dial plans directly from your browser and use as many extensions as needed. Add the low monthly flat rate, and you can see why we kept it (nearly) the same!

  • Two new products will form a triumphant trio with Jive Voice.

Every superhero needs a Justice League (or some fellow Avengers, if you prefer.) That’s why we developed Jive Video and Jive Contact Center.

These two products will work in tandem with your Jive Voice package, providing real-time video conferencing and collaboration tools, or a more complete feature set for your call center needs. Or both — the possibilities are endless. Check out our new product pages for Jive Voice,  Jive Video, and Jive Contact Center for more information.

It’s an exciting new era here at Jive. We’re unifying communications through the cloud, by creating new products and updating old ones. So keep an eye out for updates on the Jive blog!

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