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VoIP: A Streamlined Business Solution

In today’s dismal economy, businesses need to trim the fat wherever they can. Traditional landline telephone systems are outdated, left to a prehistoric technology age. The future of tomorrow is VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol.

Does your business work without utilizing the modern advances of technology? For businesses to edge out the competition and grab hold of the market place, they need to seize the benefits of modern technology and incorporate them into their daily operations.

Business VoIP providers help simplify communications, while consistently reducing costs. You may be asking yourself ‘Is this too good to be true?’ No, it is not! This system merges communications into a single path: via the data airwaves. Jive offers unlimited features, including free long-distance (think growing your business globally) and no contract obligations.

The bottom line for businesses is always money. However, this advanced system helps increase productivity, which in effect, increases the bottom line. Bypassing the conventional telephone hardware of yesteryear, VoIP transmits voice and data over the existing data network infrastructure. Companies already have thousands of dollars invested in advanced technology; why not fully utilize their investments by taking their phone lines to the Cloud. VoIP systems convert data digitally, sending it in virtual packages via IP (Internet Protocol). Seamlessly working with conventional landlines, VoIP makes gradual migration a breeze.

The basic business principle of switching to a business VoIP provider is that a single network that combines current data technology with voice is less expensive to operate. Using one single network allows easier access to the network and information.

Business VoIP systems are also advantageous for traveling employees, allowing them to take their mobile office with them wherever they go by simply accessing the data system via any internet connection, including through protected Wi-Fi signals. This allows employees to remain in constant contact with customers, checking email, voicemail and return calls, all with the ease of using a single communication tool.

Companies who have made the switch to VoIP are typically so satisfied they would never consider going back to hard lines. Data networks are significantly easier and less expensive to maintain than traditional phone lines. VoIP also offers virtually hands-free-maintenance, utilizing web interfaces that can be accessed on- and off-premises.

VoIP offers traditional services found in landlines, including Caller ID, hold music, dial-by-name directory, call routing, etc. However, it also offers superior services including advanced call log reports, desktop integration, online fax capabilities, remote access, etc.

These systems are designed to help propel and lead companies well into the 21st century of technology. Be ahead of your competitors! Not only will VoIP decrease overhead costs, it helps create employees that are more productive.

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