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VoIP News: Overtaking Traditional Telecommunications

As Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) companies increase their user bases, reports are suggesting that VoIP services may be on the brink of overtaking traditional telecommunication services. The question therefore remains: Will traditional telecommunication companies step up to the plate and tackle this challenge, or will VoIP services become the dominant standard within the telecommunications industry?

Recent reports suggest that traditional telecommunications are already utilizing VoIP technology, with larger telephone companies quietly jumping on this technology-driven bandwagon. This means that traditional telecommunications customers are actually using VoIP technology.

As more and more companies begin to offer fixed rate call plans, this trend is an ode to the services pioneered by the VoIP industry – one in which VoIP providers still take pride in today.

Business VoIP systems have dramatically improved over the last several years. This has been in response to customers’ demands for higher quality services, combined with low calling rates. VoIP services have literally changed the face of business. No longer are companies restricted to areas due to expensive telephone bills. The entire global network is within their reach with low international rates and fixed monthly rate calling plans.

Additionally, the U.S. government has mandated that traditional telecommunication services be heavily regulated, with the introduction of Congress’ 1996 Telecommunications Act. However, Congress has virtually left the VoIP business industry untouched, allowing them to not endure endless government required fees and additional taxes.

Years ago, VoIP services were not as reliable as traditional telecommunication systems. However, with today’s modern technology, VoIP services are not only reliable, they provide high audio quality at exceptionally reduced rates.

During slow economic growth, it is important for companies to further reduce their budgets, while maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. VoIP for businesses helps achieve this remarkable feat. Not only do companies, such as Jive, provide month-to-month contracts with prices as low as $19.95 per user per month for more than 50 users, they offer unlimited calling and extremely low international rates. VoIP services also include auto attendants, voicemail, caller ID, music on hold, call routing, virtual extensions, dial-by-name directories, call forwarding, call recording, call logs, call reports, unified messaging, messages on hold, full desktop integration, online fax capabilities, ring groups, Visual Dial Plan Editor, intercom features, call queues, find-me follow-me features, speed dial, custom schedules, remote access, LDAP Integration, call transfers, online PBX controls and more.

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