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VoIP: Internet Connections

If a business is ready to jump into the world of Voice over Internet Protocol – otherwise, known as VoIP – this guide about internet connection is a must read.

Hosted VoIP can help streamline businesses and rapidly bring them into 21st century technology, which saves not only time but also a considerable amount of money. Before a business commits to a hosted PBX system, there are a few key areas about a business’ Internet connection system that should be thoroughly analyzed.

VoIP communication relies primarily on a rapid Internet connection, converting voice signals into streams of 1s and 0s. These are then grouped into packets that correspond with similar data and are then sent to the intended receiver. In this case, VoIP converts this information into an IP address.

Different Internet packets often travel several different routes, meaning that data is not necessarily received in the intended order. Since VoIP travels in streams of 1s and 0s, a solid internet connection is required to reassemble the voice packets. Packet assembly must be swift in order to ensure that voice corruption is not experienced. Internet delays with VoIP cause choppy voice quality and dropped calls.

Often the culprit of poor voice data is inadequate internet speed, a sub-par Internet Service Provider, erratic internet circuits, outdated wiring within the building and poor outbound packet prioritization. In order to receive the full benefits of VoIP, a business must have a high quality, high-grade internet broadband connection at their disposable.

Often, internet providers will place DSL lines with T1 lines in the same wire bundle. It is important for businesses to note that T1 lines are known to interfere with Internet DSL, making good VoIP quality nearly impossible to achieve.

The professionals at Jive specialize in helping guide businesses towards making informed decisions, offering month-to-month contracts with no long-term, hidden fees. Their experts can help companies determine if they have an adequate Internet Service Provider, which will support making high-quality VoIP calls. Additionally, Jive specializes in catering to small business phone systems, making customer service their topmost priority. Their technical staff is readily available to assist customers with questions via telephone, online support, live chat or email. Their comprehensive knowledge base allows companies to easily switch and transition from their landlines to reliable, cost-efficient VoIP.

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