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VoIP: Increasing the Bottom Line

With the telecommunications industry abuzz about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, many companies are contemplating if making this switch is indeed productive to business.

This one bottom-line change can help save companies thousands, if not millions of dollars. Here are several reasons why VoIP is so valuable for today’s businesses.

  • A Hunting We Shall Go – What is the latest “hunt group” feature that so many businesses are utilizing? Essentially, this feature allows customers to connect to a representative immediately. No longer do computer systems slowly route calls, but as soon as a live agent is available, a customer seamlessly transfers. Long gone are the days of irate customers. In fact, many companies are seeing a staggering increase in customer satisfaction. What company wouldn’t want these benefits?
  • Call Recording – Not only does this VOIP business phone feature serve as a legal function for companies, but it also helps train new employees and provides valuable feedback for managers. Additionally, when employees know they are being recorded, it is proven that their performance increases.
  • Call Reporting – This feature is dynamite for managers, executives and business owners. This helps identify if advertising campaigns are increasing telephone call inquiries, or whether certain phone lines receive a high volume of incoming wrong number calls.
  • Auto Attendants – This can help busy receptionists or replace receptionists’ entirely, allowing for more focus on administrative tasks. Auto attendants are available 24/7, 365 days a year, helping route customers to voicemail, direct employee lines and specific departments.
  • Voicemail Notifications – Automatically dictating voicemails to emails or voicemails to text messages, this feature helps boost employee productivity. All messages are received in a timely manner, which means a higher volume of returned calls and more satisfied customers.
  • Natural Disasters – During a natural disaster, such as an earthquake, hurricane or tornado, VoIP systems allow calls to re-route to employees’ cell phones or to different company locations. This ensures that calls do not go unanswered and customers do not go elsewhere.

Helping save companies money, boost revenue and increase employee productivity, VoIP business services are a win-win for small, medium and large companies. Furthermore, small business phone service can also help propel companies into 21st century technology, expand their client-base and increase their marketing campaigns.

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