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VoIP Advantages

There are a number of distinct advantages to using a business VoIP system. This brief article will highlight several benefits that small businesses, large corporations and public sector industries may want to take into consideration.

  • Cost Hosted VoIP services are significantly less than traditional telecommunication services. Monthly fees are greatly reduced for local, long distance and even international calling services.
  • PC-to-PC – Often times many providers allow online software, for example Skype and other chat programs, to communicate with customers.
  • FeaturesBusiness VoIP systems provide rich features that traditional telecommunication services lack. For example, companies can choose local area codes in different regions to allow customers to save on long-distance phone calls.
  • Bundle Services – A number of services are typically offered with VoIP, including call logs, call reports, unified messaging, message on hold, desktop integration, online fax, ring groups, Visual Dial Plan Editor, Intercom, auto attendants, voicemail, caller ID, music on hold, call routing, virtual extensions, dial-by-name directory, call forwarding, call recording, call queues, find-me follow-me, speed dial, custom schedules, remote access, LDAP Integration, call transfers, online PBX controls and more. Additionally, these features are offered in a user-friendly online format.
  • Adding VoIP – Even if a company already has a main telephone line, adding additional VoIP lines is extremely cost effective.
  • Mobility – The beauty of VoIP is that these services are available anywhere a Broadband connection is accessible. This means that employees, who travel, are located in other countries, etc., are still able to take advantage of this cost-saving telecommunications approach.
  • International Rates – Every business knows that international rates are astronomical; however, the cost-savings associated with VoIP international rates will help businesses reduce their overall phone bill, while allowing employees to remain focused on international business.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – Jive strives to make the switch from traditional landlines to a hosted VoIP service as simple as possible. With month-to-month rates, customers have the peace of mind that if they are not satisfied with Jive’s service, they are able to easily cancel their contract.
  • Specialization – VoIP companies, such as Jive, that specialize in working with a variety of industries, ranging from small businesses, large enterprise organizations and the public sector, typically have experience working with legal offices, insurance companies, hospitals, schools, government branches, real estate companies, construction companies, large call centers, sales organizations, software companies and many more. This gives them the combined knowledge and experience to create a uniquely customized plan to meet any company’s individual needs.

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