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Why Video VoIP?

Video teleconferencing is becoming a popular money-saving tool for business both nationally and internationally. Linking two sites together, video Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows businesses to record presentations, play pre-recorded videos, share information directly via personal computers and even highlight electronic documents in presentation formats.

So why is video VoIP necessary in today’s business world? It is simple. In an era where companies are cutting back and trying to save money, yet airfare costs are skyrocketing, video conferencing allows companies to decrease overall business travel costs. Eliminating the need for expensive flights, costly hotels, paid time traveling and per diem eating expenses allows companies to refocus their budgets on other necessary expenses, while still maintaining personal face-to-face contact via video videoconferencing.

Video teleconferencing allows companies to focus on global and nationwide opportunities, including the ability to help improve customer service relations. Video conferencing allows businesses to tune-in to face-to-face meetings, seeing people interact on a one-on-one basis. This well-established system now contributes to millions of annual videoconferences, allowing companies to forget the hassle of yesteryear’s network of public conference facilities.

Video conferencing is ideal for the following business situations:

  • Providing court evidence, when one cannot be present and the judge has allowed such evidence to be presented;
  • Cohesive sales meetings;
  • Product launches;
  • Product design and creative assessments;
  • Recruitment and personnel interviews;
  • In-house business presentations;
  • Television production casting;
  • Business-to-business consultations; and
  • Product training for both employees and clients.

Webcasting is another excellent tool and can reach as many as 10,000 people at one time! Whether the web cast is live or pre-recorded, audiences can easily login and watch special business announcements on their computers, Smartphones or tablet devices. Some video services even allow viewers to interact, providing voting, questions and exit surveys.

Statistics show that the following are vital to business transactions. According to Dr. Albert Mehrabian:

  • A mere seven-percent of communication derives solely from spoken words.
  • 38-percent infer information from someone’s tone of voice.
  • More than 55-percent obtain information from body language, which is why videoconferencing is vital to productive business solutions.

It is far less expensive for small business VoIP services to contract in-house for VoIP phone systems, including video teleconferencing services. Most reputable hosted VoIP systems include integrated video VoIP calls as a complimentary feature.

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