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When in Utah, You've Gotta Play in the Snow

Working is great and all, but let’s be real—when a snowstorm hits and the mountains are full of fresh powder, who with any inclination for the outdoors doesn’t want to leave behind the desk and the computer and hit the slopes?

Jive understands that urge. And yields to it.

We at Jive like our location in Utah for several reasons, one of them being the proximity to world-class skiing and snowboarding facilities. In the wintertime, we want to take advantage of those facilities, but we also want to be responsible and get work done. So we came up with a solution.

On a day that we get a good snowstorm, developers can take that day off to go skiing/snowboarding and make up the day of work on the weekend. The arrangement allows them to take advantage of the fresh snow, avoid the crowds, and still stay on top of their projects. Theo Zourzouvillys, Jive’s CTO, has even talked about getting group transport up to the slopes on those days. It’s a genius plan—snow and work can go together.

So what does this say about Jive? It’s just a small detail in the company’s workings, but what it demonstrates is that Jive embraces a work-life balance and believes in making life as enjoyable and productive as possible for its development team. And that says a lot.

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