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Top Communications Challenges Hosted VoIP Can Address

The backbone of any business operation is a well-oiled communication network. It can make or break employee productivity, operations efficiency, and team collaboration within any organization. A lot is hinged on how effectively we can communicate, which is why a lot of companies are exploring tools that can ensure seamless and efficient communication in the workplace – such as Hosted VoIP!

Recognizing the top communication challenges offices experience on a daily basis is a great place to start when it comes to finding the right Hosted VoIP solution for your business. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

1. Rising internal and external communication costs

Teams today are more mobile than ever before. If they’re not traveling for work or physically in the office, they’re working remotely. This makes the need to constantly stay in touch even more important. Traditionally, landlines were the go-to communication solution that businesses could depend on. However, legacy networks provide limited functionality and are typically very expensive, especially where long distance calls are involved. 

On the other hand, Hosted VoIP calls use IP networks to establish connections and make calls. In fact, most Hosted VoIP providers offer affordable rates and calling plans that some studies note can help reduce the cost of international calling by 90 percent! Additionally, features such as virtual numbers are affordable options that provide businesses with low and consistent calling rates for long distance calls.  

2. Difficult to scale according to business needs

A physical, on-premise system is extremely difficult to scale as your business grows. Conversely, if you had to downsize your solution, doing so on legacy systems is equally difficult. That’s because when you have physical infrastructure to consider, you will need to take into account logistics surrounding moving equipment and making sure that all these changes do not disrupt your operations. 

With Hosted VoIP systems being deployed on the cloud, services can be scaled up or down with a few clicks on your computer. The process is simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated; making it so much easier to maintain consistent communication across every level of the organization.

3. Complicated and complex network management

Legacy systems require physical installation, hardware, and maintenance. Managing the infrastructure alone will require a dedicated team to look after it to ensure that it provides seamless and reliable service. Unfortunately, not all businesses have the resources to accommodate this. This often leads employees to rely on other communication platforms that decentralize coordination, making the process more vulnerable to errors.  

Fortunately, Hosted VoIP is cloud-native, which means the functionalities you need can simply be deployed over the Internet. It follows a Software as a Service (SaaS) business model that simplifies implementation and maintenance. This means instead of employees working on figuring out how to troubleshoot any problems they encounter with the platform themselves, the vendor takes care of everything and they can focus on making sure they are communicating with colleagues clearly. 

4. Disparate systems cause teams to work in silos

A big part of Hosted VoIP’s capabilities lies in its ability to bring together communication and collaboration tools into a single, streamlined platform. Since the whole platform runs on the cloud, Hosted VoIP can easily integrate the different apps used by a business to boost efficiency in the workplace.

When everything is available through one central platform, you save a lot of time and effort wasted on tedious tasks, such as checking a separate voicemail account or logging in and out of different communication channels.

Indeed, Hosted VoIP has grown to be a go-to business solution for a lot of organizations looking to improve the way they do business. If you want to know more, get in touch with us at Jive today!


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