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Top 10 Reasons For Using VoIP

Many businesses wonder why they should switch to Voice over Internet Protocol. Not only does it save companies thousands of dollars annually, there are a number of additional benefits.

  • Software-Based – Hardware-based telephone systems are more difficult to maintain than software-based systems. VoIP uses SIP and a number of other related protocols, which are constantly evolving. With the software always receiving updates, improvements never require new handsets, as updates can be automatically downloaded.
  • Less Expensive – As phone calls are placed over the Internet, voice data is digitized, helping save money. With unlimited calls, PC-to-PC calls are also free, helping dramatically reduce business’ overall operating expenses.
  • Platform – VoIP utilizes an Open Source platform that allows inefficient software glitches to easily be found and rapidly fixed. Ultimately this affords, faster, more stable and secure software that improves long-term call quality.
  • Quality – VoIP easily surpasses cell phone call quality and costs substantially less than making cell phone calls. In fact, most people can’t tell the difference between call qualities of a VoIP telephone call versus a traditional landline.
  • Easy Integration – VoIP easily integrates with a number of online applications, making business collaborations an absolute breeze. Instant messaging and video products are putting even more control directly into consumers’ hands.
  • Conference Calling – No longer do these collaborative types of calls need to be set up, but employees can simply conference one another in on telephone meetings. These types of features make businesses more efficient and allow creativity and marketing approaches to flow, while boosting sales.
  • Record Calls – As more government regulations are imposed in certain industries, recording calls is becoming not simply optional but mandatory. Recording calls also works for training purposes and management.
  • One Simple Number – Instead of forwarding calls to hotels and such when traveling, employees can take one number with them where ever they go. VoIP numbers get treated just like local telephone calls and work with any wireless connection worldwide.

Jive offers a number of small business phone systems, which are perfect solutions for any type of industry. VoIP business can easily be incorporated into current platform schemes, helping save companies money on their overall telecommunications budget. VoIP business phone service has revolutionized how customers can interact with businesses, helping boost customer service and further help business revenues.

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