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Tips: Selecting a Hosted VoIP Provider

When a small business is selecting a VoIP provider, there are a number of helpful tips for management to keep in mind. First, VoIP is easy to use and extremely flexible, but with a number of hosted VoIP systems on the market, which one best meets a business’ needs?

  • Features – What features are necessary for a business’ day-to-day operations? Even though the provider offers a wide array, which features are most important to employees, ones that they can easily incorporate into daily routines and maximize their production time?
  • Shop Around and Ask Questions – This is very important when selecting the right provider and the right plan that meets a business’ needs. Understanding how the system works, what features are included, monthly prices, contracts, etc., are important factors before switching to small business VoIP.
  • Other Business Owners – Speak to other local business owners that are similar in size and industry. What are they using? What types of features have worked well within their company and which ones have failed? A reputable business VoIP company, such as Jive, will also provide detailed case studies upon request and in fact, many are included on their website for analysis.
  • Future Growth – A business should never be pessimistic about the potential for future growth, but should embrace it! VoIP is not intended to be a quick fix solution for a telephone system, but one that is scalable and can grow or decrease depending upon the company’s size and objectives. Based on business models, a company should look at where they intend to be three years from now and then model their telephone system based on those long-term goals.
  • Understanding the Platform – Jive’s experienced customer service representatives believe in full disclosure, so companies can make the right decision for their needs and requirements. If considering a hosted PBX system, ask Jive who owns the system, where questions are directed and who maintains the system.
  • Support – This is a vital component to any customer service related field. Jive offers customer service resolution via telephone, email or online chat support.

Jive specializes in offering big-business solutions to businesses of all sizes. Incorporating features that were once only available to large corporations, Jive ensures that small businesses can compete with larger companies in terms of productivity and consumer satisfaction.

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