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The Impact of Hosted VoIP on Mobility

These days, mobility isn’t just a corporate buzzword – it’s a business priority. In fact, mobile usage has increased by 600 percent. And in an age where technology can easily empower productivity and facilitate collaboration, there’s no reason why you should settle for substandard processes and systems that limit your team’s agility. But more than any other technology introduced in the last decade, none has made a bigger impact on business mobility than Hosted VoIP.

The mobility that Hosted VoIP offers companies simply cannot be matched by legacy systems. To delve deeper into the impact it has made on organizations, keep reading below.

1. Provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for on-the-go employees

One of the most well-known benefits of Hosted VoIP is its cost efficiency. Compared to legacy systems, Hosted VoIP offers businesses very minimal call rates and virtually eliminates local and long-distance charges. In addition, because it’s offered following a SaaS-based platform, there’s minimal overhead investment. Maintenance will be handled by the provider, so there’s also no need to task an IT team with setting up and managing the system.

All things considered, setting up a Hosted VoIP system to support your team’s mobility becomes significantly more cost-effective for organizations.

2. Offers access to useful productivity features

Hosted VoIP is so much more than just technology that makes phone calls easier. While that’s a big part of it – and a necessary one, given how often mobile teams need to communicate – Hosted VoIP is also known for its ability to boost productivity. Unified Communication (UC) tools, which are anchored on Hosted VoIP, help foster better collaboration through numerous available functionalities. Features such as shared workspaces, messaging and conferencing options can support the sharing of ideas, allowing teams to innovate beyond their desks. Employees can productively and conveniently work from any location.

3. Easy to deploy and manage

Hosted VoIP is simple to deploy. It utilizes software, which means there’s no need for an upfront investment or space to accommodate hardware. It’s easy to scale infrastructure up or down depending on the size of your team. This allows businesses to smoothly adopt Hosted VoIP and implement it in their organizations. This makes it more viable for businesses to offer work-from-home programs, to implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs or to hire globally.

4. Exceptionally flexible

Hosted VoIP offers exceptional flexibility for your business. The system can be conveniently integrated into existing programs that your office is probably already using. Available and existing devices can also be used to access a centralized interface for a streamlined and consistent communication and collaboration experience.

Unlike legacy systems, Hosted VoIP is a great enabler of business mobility. Traditional landlines tether employees to their desks as the only way to ensure their productivity. Communication is limited and collaboration is restricted. If you think your company should gain all the benefits of mobility by simply switching to Hosted VoIP, get in touch with us today.

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