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Best Tech Organizers for Businesses

There are a number of excellent high-technology organization systems available to businesses in today’s market. Clients are never impressed by company employees that do not make appointments, lose business files, do not respond to emails, do not follow up and fail to track orders, customer service and progress.

Fortunately, in today’s high-tech market, there are a number of systems that can help employees stay on top of customer and client needs and demands.

  • Google Calendar – The ultimate task management tool, this calendar is complimentary with any gmail account. Employees can make appointments, share events with customers and coworkers and have access to the calendar anywhere a wireless connection is available.
  • Financial Software – Using financial software that manages and imports credit card and bank statements, while simultaneously generating profit and loss reports is an indispensable tool for any business. It allows a company to always be up-to-date with financial figures, as well as easily prepare for quarterly and year-end taxes or IRS audits.
  • Social Management – If a company is a startup and is trying to gain popularity through social marketing, using a program such as HootSuite can help combine all media applications into one simple dashboard, including Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, FourSquare and many more. It will also compile data from these sites to generate analytics and social statistics. This will help a company determine where social media time should be spent and if it is indeed a valuable resource for generating client leads.
  • Collaborative Notebooks – For marketing professionals to bounce ideas back and forth in a visual medium, it may be an excellent idea to invest in collaborative notebook software that allows news events and ideas to be clipped and stored in one location online.
  • To Do – To do tools allow tasks to be well managed and enables companies, teams and individuals to creative collective checklists so at the simple click of a button, the status of a project is readily available.
  • Vision Boards – These types of programs are excellent tools for brainstorming and “mind mapping.” They allow people to collaborate together to form innovative new tools, products and ideas.
  • Team Collaboration – Projects that offer virtual areas to share folders and access files are perfect for employees, customers, freelancers, virtual employees, traveling managers, etc.

Additionally, Jive, a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) company offers telecommunication services and VoIP hosted business phone systems that utilize a company’s current Internet connection to transfer voice data. Revolutionizing the world of business phone systems, business VoIP is the future of telephone services.

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