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Make the Switch: Cloud PBX

Traditional PBX systems are outdated, a now extinct technology that can be displayed in an archived section of a telecommunications’ museum. The latest telecommunications offering is Cloud-based PBX, which delivers a highly advanced operational system.

So what is a PBX? A traditional PBX is essentially a phone switch that delivers a dial tone, making it possible for a call to connect. Traditionally, this is one of the first purchases an outbound call center makes. Expensive, costly to maintain and unruly at times, this system was once the backbone of offices worldwide.

Today, with the advent of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), cloud PBX systems are gaining momentum. With low monthly fees, easy maintenance and highly advanced call routing, the Cloud eliminates hassle and downtime. Additionally, when VoIP services are combined with Cloud access, PBX agents can be eliminated, allowing for an inexpensive telecommunication option for businesses of any size, albeit it small, medium or large.

Hosted PBX systems eliminate the need for direct access through carriers, instead adding multi-layer support and highly advanced flexibility. Cloud PBX systems are a popular alternative to traditional phone systems, as they allow more intelligent routing and highly advanced data speeds without the need for on-site telephony switches and cables.

Call centers greatly benefit from this advanced technology, as it allows for multi-site routing, ensuring an agent is always available to customers, despite location or time zones.

VoIP hosted systems reduce overall business-operating costs, provide unlimited local calling, low long distance charges and feature virtually no cost for upgrades and maintenance. Helping give businesses a competitive advantage, these systems are extremely flexibility and help promote productive workflow. Employees can access messages, telephone calls, faxes and videoconferencing from their desktops, laptops, Smartphones or tablets.

With advanced scalability options, there is a VoIP system to meet every company’s needs, whether it is an individual business with one employee or a large company that employs thousands of people.

As a premium VoIP service provider, Jive strives to make business VoIP simple and easy to use, focusing on advanced customer service, ease of use and low rates.

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