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Survivability: What Happens to Your Phone Calls When Godzilla (or Other Hollywood Disasters) Attacks

One thing I love about summer: disaster movies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a giant radioactive lizard, sharks plus tornadoes, or alien invaders—the fun is figuring out your own personal survivability. Would you be one of the lucky few to make it to the credits alive?

Perhaps a volcano isn’t about to burst through the blacktop of your business park, but when a real disaster hits, you want your company to bounce back as quickly as possible. Jive’s job is to make sure your phone system is tough enough to soldier through disaster and still deliver the service you need. So here are five box-office disasters and how Jive’s system would handle them.

1. Godzilla (2014)


Maybe you’re craning your neck up at the lean, mean 200-ft. version of Godzilla from 1998, or the bulkier 2014 version (over TWICE that size). Either way, you probably want to call Superman, the Air Force, your mom—although maybe not in that order.

Good thing Jive’s service is routed through geographically separate data centers. So, when Godzilla stomps our data center in Los Angeles, Jive can just re-route calls through our centers in Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, or through our centers in Europe.

2. Sharknado (2013)


When sharks rain from the sky, you’ve got to get to higher ground. Don’t forget to grab your Jive phone before abandoning your shark-infested office. Why?

 Jive handsets are configured to work from virtually any high-speed Broadband Internet connection. That means you and your staff can relocate to another site (a mall, a school, a warehouse—wherever the survivors are gathering to regroup and plan their last stand), plug into the Internet, and still have access to voicemail, extension dialing, transferring, and all your other features.

Or, if those plummeting great whites and hammerheads haven’t taken out cell towers, you can use your Jive Mobility app to make calls as if your were still at the office. Your client in Tokyo won’t have any idea that you’re floating on an air mattress while paddling frantically towards the top of the Sears Tower because their caller ID will continue to display your office phone number and ID.

3. Pompeii (2014)



Face it: volcanoes are out to get you! Just check out Dante’s Peak (1997), Volcano (also 1997), 2012 (released, oddly enough, in 2009), and Pompeii (2014).

 Don’t get me wrong; Jive’s data facilities are tough. They’re best in breed, which means they’re extremely resilient to disasters. But hot lava and pyroclastic surge may be a bit much for any manmade structure to handle.

Thankfully, Jive maintains copies of all the critical software elements powering a client’s phone system. That way, you can always recover your network configurations, user extensions, attendant prompts, dial plans, and directories from a backup facility (preferably one where volcanoes aren’t an issue).


4. Independence Day (1996)


Alien death rays eradicating cities left and right, including your office? No sweat! Jive’s system actually detects if a specific location is down and automatically re-routes inbound calls and messages to a predetermined backup location, like your cell number or home phone. If your office has been vaporized, you won’t miss a call.


5. Deep Impact and Armageddon (1998)


If there’s an asteroid the size of Texas menacing the planet—then, um, I guess we’re ALL out of luck! Even if Jive’s service survived the impact, there likely wouldn’t be anyone left to make or take calls. (Except whatever species succeeds us. Cockroaches? Machines? Chihuahuas? What do you think?)

Barring any extinction-level events, the Jive Hosted solution is built to withstand natural disasters (and the occasional radioactive monster) and keep on ticking. To learn more about Jive’s survivability and other rad perks, check out our available features. You could also give our Inside Team a call and get those pressing questions answered fast: 877-548-3007.

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