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How can Smartphones save money?

In today’s technology-driven world, the Smartphone has become the must-have fashion accessory, tech accessory and all-around accessory for every man, woman and in some cases, child.

Can Smartphones actually help consumers save money? Jive, a popular business phone service that offers hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services analyzes this very VoIP business question.

  • Tethering – Some Smartphones offer one-time payment installments for tethering applications, which allows a Smartphone to be used as a mobile hotspot, perfect for laptop or tablet devices.
  • Text Messaging – Several applications allow free texting, which means less money spent on carrier texting plans. Some programs even allow a unified phone number to compile and combine texts into one single program.
  • VoIP – Smartphone VoIP services are gaining in popularity, especially when a telephone user is at a mobile hotspot. VoIP calls help save valuable cell phone minutes and allows free calls with certain VoIP programs.
  • Gas – Let’s face it, gas isn’t cheap anymore. Simply taking a short jaunt into town is expensive. Using a Smartphone to price the cheapest gas stations in a town or city can help save valuable money at the pump.
  • Groceries – Everyone knows how going into the grocery store without a list can turn into a disaster within minutes. However, many Smartphones offer grocery applications, which allows family members to add basic necessities and planned meal ingredients to the list – helping make shopping less time consuming and even more budget friendly.
  • Money Management Software – Many Smartphones offer personal money management software, or allow self-employed or small business owners virtual access to their bank accounts and credit card statements within minutes. They also offer bill reminder software, which is a great way to manage multiple invoices, avoid and reduce late payment fees and help boost credit ratings.
  • Discount Cards – Ever stop by the local office supply store but didn’t have the discount card available? Simply store the whole “lot” of discount cards in a Smartphone device, which keeps them organized, easily managed and also links relevant store coupons.
  • Price Comparisons – Ever wonder if that office desk is worth the asking price? Simply scan the sales tag and a quick price search application will provide a detailed report. Additionally, many companies are willing to price match products. Target, for example, has a guarantee that they will price match any online retailer so having a Smartphone in hand can save more than just a few pennies while shopping.
  • Coupons – Keeping coupons readily available on hand, Smartphones allow these to be stored and simply swiped on checkout. Additionally, many applications compile frequently used coupons in one organized system so it’s easy to search for a specific store coupon anytime.
  • ATMs – Out and about and in need of an ATM? While ATM fees can be extremely high, why not check for an ATM that is fee-free in the nearby area?

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