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Small Businesses: The Future of VoIP

As small businesses struggle in today’s downturned economy, more businesses are making the switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunication systems. Not only are small businesses looking to compete with companies twice their size, their bottom dollar defines the very essence of their industry.

Recent statistics and surveys indicate that more than 41-percent of small businesses who employ 100 or fewer employees have already switched to VoIP services. Within the next year, an additional 20-percent of small businesses are looking to make this all-important switch, striving to reduce overhead expenses and increase their competitive productivity.

One of the biggest pitfalls for small businesses making the switch to VoIP services is not utilizing a recognized company that specializes in working with small, medium and large companies. Jive offers U.S. based support, with experienced technicians, network engineers and service agents. Their support is available via telephone, online or through email, making it simple for small businesses to incorporate technical support and training into their schedules.

The driving reason small businesses are adopting VoIP hosted business systems is due to costs. While financial pressures force many small businesses into making this switch, most small businesses are extremely satisfied with the ultimate product and services offered by VoIP. Most VoIP systems, such as Jive, offer auto attendants, voicemail, caller ID, hold music, call routing, virtual extensions, dial-by-name directories, call forwarding, call recording, call logs, call reports, unified messaging, messages on hold, full desktop integration, online fax capabilities, ring groups, Visual Dial Plan Editor, intercom features, call queues, find-me follow-me features, speed dial options, custom schedules, remote access, LDAP Integration, call transfers, online PBX controls and much more.

Once small businesses have switched to VoIP, they see their productivity greatly increase. VoIP services allow small businesses to experiences services that once only large corporations could incorporate into daily business routines. Now companies with as few as one user or as many as 1,000 or more employees can experience the same telecommunication services. Not only are these services extremely professional, they are much easier for customers and clients to seamlessly utilize.

Jive’s professionals work with small businesses to help them fully incorporate business VoIP features into their systems. Complete integration of these business phone services helps small businesses take advantage of these productive services, allowing employees to quickly respond to customers’ needs despite working from home, traveling or in the office.

With a mass-market integration of VoIP services into small business phone systems, VoIP companies are poised to take over the telecommunications market, bringing affordability and advanced services to the small business sector.

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