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How Small Businesses Benefit from Jive VoIP

Jive offers a range of hosted VoIP phone systems designed for small and medium businesses. Businesses just beginning and those with limited capital can find a plan from Jive that’s both affordable and offers the features every business requires.

Jive’s Small Business plan is fully customizable and requires very little up-front capital to get started. It also offers a simplified approach to phone management and uses standard phone equipment. Jive also delivers a simple and predictable monthly invoice that makes it easy to anticipate telecommunications costs. The only fee associated with the plan is the government required Regulatory Recovery Fee.

The Small Business solution offers a 5-tier pricing plan including plans that range based on the price per user each month or the total number of users. Price plans include a month-to-month contract, United States technical support and unlimited calling. Discounted international rates and an extended rate plan are also available for businesses that require it.

The features included in the small business phone systems are the same as those offered to large corporations. These calling features include call queues, remote access, call transfers and forwarding, unified messaging, report reports and logs, recording, caller ID, virtual fax and extensions, auto attendants, online PBX controls and more.

Jive also offers a range of VoIP hosted phone systems for small and medium-sized businesses, including conference phones and handsets. These phone systems are pre-programmed for each account for simple installation and available at discounted prices.

Small businesses may also choose to purchase Broadband services starting at $60 per month. This advanced system offers the fastest speeds with DSL, T1, Ethernet or DS3. Small businesses will also benefit from the best customer service available, including telephone service, online support, live support chat, email and telephone technical support. Jive has earned a reputation for fast response time and high customer satisfaction.

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