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Why Small Business VoIP is Beneficial

For small businesses looking to switch to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the following article addresses the benefits of bundling video, phone and data into one service.

With higher speeds and increased flexibility, small business VoIP is an integral communications solution. Internet-based telephone systems work over a company’s personalized network. Saving valuable money, decreasing travel expenses and allowing companies to easily upsize or downsize systems, Jive guarantees that companies will see a substantial decrease in their telecommunication expenses.

VoIP hosted systems help companies communicate more efficiently with their employees and customers. It allows companies to stay connected with employees, easily conduct training seminars and allows managers to see which employees are currently available. Additionally, a unified communication system allows employees to work easily from home or while on the road, if they have access to an Internet signal or Wi-Fi.

With a number of popular features, Jive includes these performance-enhancing elements at no additional charge – call forwarding, unlimited long distance, voicemail, caller ID and call conferencing, to name a few.

VoIP is far less expensive than traditional telecommunication plans, costing a flat fee per user and is ideal for companies that incur expensive long distance and international calling fees. With virtually no technical skills to set up a VoIP system, these highly advanced technological systems are easy to install. Fully integrating all email, voicemail and fax communication into one single service, this easy-to-use business system is perfect for all types of employees, whether they travel, work from home or come into the office every day.

With no more complicated phone switches and telephone systems, companies can transform their large-scale telephone rooms into useful closet spaces or spare rooms. VoIP phone systems are high-tech and Jive’s customer service reflects this latest technology, with expert guidance, web-based specialists and fantastic customer service models.

As hosted VoIP systems are user-friendly, employees can focus on customer service and sales numbers, instead of overly complicated systems. As an alternative to having manuals that focus on how to forward calls, users can easily press a few buttons on the telephone or on an Internet-based software system that immediately forwards calls – minus the hassle of traditional telephone systems.

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