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Raise the Level of Your Game: Focus on Fundamentals

You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.” – Michael Jordan


Like the bounce pass and the layup, the fundamentals of Cloud Voice are the simple things you do everyday that, when done right, can make the difference between a champion and the guy sitting with his head between his knees at the end of the game.

1. Single Number Reach

What if you only ever needed one number? It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, at work, on the beach, in the car, or on the moon. Anyone trying to reach you, dials one number – the one on your business card, the one in your email signature block – and they always get you. No more missed calls, no more phone tag, no more questions like, “do you have her cell number?”

One number. It doesn’t get more fundamental than that.

With Jive Voice, you only need one number and then Jive does the rest. Using our simple, yet powerful Find Me/Follow Me feature, users can set up their office phone number to ring any of their other numbers automatically.

  • Going out of the office for a few days to a conference? Don’t worry about sending an out of office message with your cell number. Let Find Me/Follow Me send callers directly from your office phone to your cell phone wherever you are.
  • Going out of town on vacation and want callers to receive personal attention and not just voicemail in your absence? Let Find Me/Follow Me send callers to another team member who will be covering things while you’re gone.
  • Want to be able to get calls after hours without giving out your personal cell or home numbers? Let Find Me/Follow Me send calls to your home or cell number based on your work schedule.
  • Want to know if it’s a work call before you pick up? Tell Find Me/Follow Me to pass through your office number Caller ID. That way, you’ll know it’s a business call before you put down your drink to answer it.

2. Unified Inbox

What if all your communications were routed directly to your inbox? All of your fundamental business communications needs – email, fax, and phone – all in one place.

Jive’s Voicemail to Email feature automatically sends voicemail messages left on your office phone directly to your email inbox. No more wondering if there are messages waiting for you in the office. With Jive, you can immediately listen to the .wav version of the message directly from the device you use to check your email. So, even if you decide to reject the office call Find Me/Follow Me forwarded to your personal cell phone while you were out of the office, you can still listen to the voicemail before you return to the office.

In addition, Jive’s Virtual Fax feature allows you to send and receive faxes directly from your email inbox. No more waiting by the fax machine for an important contract document or wondering if someone picked up your fax by mistake.

3. Extension Dialing

What if you could dial anyone in your organization with a four-digit extension – no matter if they were in the next cubicle or the next country?

No more trying to remember the country code for the office in Germany. This Jive Voice fundamental allows you to dial your co-workers there with the same four-digit dialing plan that you use to reach your teammates in the local office. The same is true for your customers. From your central auto attendant, customers can dial a four-digit extension to reach headquarters, the local sales office, or any other user on the system.

Is your office using five-digit extension dialing? No problem. Jive Voice supports three, four, five, or even six-digit extension dialing plans.

4. Self-Service

What if you could set up the fundamentals of your office phone without having to call IT?

Jive Voice gives every system user the power to configure their own call routing, voicemail options, and even their personalized music on hold all from a simple browser window available on any device with an Internet connection.

It’s that easy.

No more sending in a helpdesk ticket, waiting for IT to get back to your non-emergency, but still really urgent request to stop forwarding all your calls to your teammates when you get back in the office from vacation. Log into your user portal and with three mouse clicks, you’re back to business as usual. No more waiting.

5. Unlimited Talk

Every cell service provider in the marketplace is offering unlimited talk. So why is it that business telecom service providers are still billing you for every minute dialed?

With Jive Voice all local and domestic long distance calls (including Canada) are unlimited and included at no additional cost – for every customer, every time.

No more dialing a long distance code to account for long distance charges. Calling across the country is the same as calling next door. No more paying extra to call a local contact whose cell number isn’t local. No more paying by the minute to leave a voicemail. The same unlimited talk you have everywhere else, you have in the office now, too.

Raise the Level of YOUR game

Competition is fierce across every industry and businesses of every kind need access to tools that help them to be more productive, more engaged, and ultimately more successful.

Jive Voice fundamentals, like good passing and consistent shooting, raise the level of your organization’s game. They’re not always the most exciting features, or those ones most likely to make the highlight reels, but they can be the crucial difference for the team holding the trophy at the end of the game.

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