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One Ring-Ring to Rule Them All

You’ve already heard that Jive makes businesses seem prominent and professional, saves them bucketloads of money on their phone bills, and has a near limitless feature set, but what is Jive’s most staggering advantage over other VoIP companies? What is Jive’s calling card (pun intended), its bread and butter, its mojo, its special sauce, its Holy Grail?

Answer: Jive is easy.

Let me explain.

Scenario #1: You run a small insurance agency. You’re prospecting for new clients, hiring employees, trying to think of ways to grow your business, and you’re swamped with paperwork. Your agency is using old phones that you bought off the guy who sold you your office space, and they’re starting to show their age. Phones are an essential for business, but it’s one of the last things you want to have to worry about. You probably just want a phone system that makes you sound professional and that doesn’t cost you any more than you have to pay. But most importantly, you don’t want to have to worry about it. You’re focused on growing your business, not reconfiguring auto-attendants or troubleshooting network issues.

Scenario #2: You’re the IT guy for a large corporation. You have 3 new systems that need to be installed in the next 2 months, but you find yourself putting out fires and responding to requests for most of the day. You barely have enough time to keep things afloat. The time has come for your business to install a new phone system, and you’ve been impressed with the flexibility and the cost savings potential with VoIP, but you’re worried about the time commitment of managing one more ‘system.’

Mr. Busy Insurance Guy and Captain No-Time IT both have a time problem. They feel the allure of cutting costs and the great features of a new phone system, but until they’re convinced that they won’t have to invest a huge portion of time to run it, they’re going to remain skeptical. If we could sit down with them to show them how easy it is to manage a Jive system, here’s what we’d showcase:

1) The Dial Plan Editor. It’s like playing a game, but a really easy game where you win every time. It’s a drag and drop interface that makes configuring your phone system as easy as, well, DRAG, and DROP.

2) Implementation. Tell us what you want, share a few key configurations of your network, and then we’ll port your numbers and send you the equipment you need. Then, get us on the phone while you’re plugging in and configuring your network, and we’ll walk you through the whole thing. That easy.

3) Customer Care. They’re the best around. If you ever have a question or encounter an issue you don’t know how to approach, or if you’re just looking for a friendly voice on the other end of the line, call us! Our U.S.-based customer care team prides itself on offering professional, friendly help.

Add the reliability of the network, the ease of system changes, and Jive’s sleek interface, and you’ll never feel like your Jive phone system is work. You’ll rarely have to even touch it, and when you do, it will always be a quick, easy change.

We want you to spend more time growing your business, not messing with your phones. So we made it easy. That’s Jive’s jam.

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