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Newest PBX Manager Released

Jive’s latest online PBX manager provides more robust connections.

Orem, Utah – November 16, 2007–Jive Communications (, an enterprise-quality telephone systems and services provider, announced the launch of its latest version of PBX Manager, providing additional and significant functionality to an already powerful lineup of features.

PBX, which stands for a private branch exchange, is a telephone exchange set up for a specific business or office. PBX systems create connections among the internal telephones of a business and connect them to an outside telephone network.

Jive Communication’s (Jive) latest PBX Manager incorporates the following list of capabilities,


  • Custom queue settings (i.e. Ring all staff at once, ring staff sequentially, etc.)
  • Ability to add cell phone/external numbers to a ring group
  • Drag-and-drop IVR (Interactive Voice Response) editor

    “We built our system from the ground up to deliver the best enterprise-level VoIP PBX offering for our customers,” said Brent Thomson, CEO of Jive. “We are constantly working to improve our systems and functionality to provide the most robust and user-friendly phone system any small business can benefit from using.”

    According to a major VoIP review site, a PBX solution gives the user


  • More flexibility regarding features because the equipment is on-site and owned by your company
  • More control over managing your phone systems daily operations
  • A simple way to expand your phone system when your company expands

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