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Some New Year’s Resolutions to Jive About

It’s been a good year, but now we’re itching for something new, and 2015 is a number just brimming with promise. We’ll be halfway through the decade, and things are going to be different this time around. That gym membership card will see the light of day, those erudite tomes will be taken off their dusty shelves, and never again will our hands grace a pint of rocky road.

Of course, New Year’s resolutions can be fickle. And while we can’t promise that you’re going to finish Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Jive can help you keep some of your resolutions alive this coming year. Our fresh approach to telephony will help you streamline your business in a number of ways.

(And no, they don’t include 7 am hot yoga classes.)

Resolution #1: We’ll Keep Things Simple

When you have dozens of customer calls coming in every day, you need your phone system to be as simple and straightforward as possible. No three-ring circus, no fine print. And definitely no unnecessary extra charges.

Luckily for you, simplicity is one virtue we pride ourselves on. Unlike our competitors, we refuse to lock you into lengthy and detailed contracts, opting instead for an easy month-to-month payment plan. And with that payment plan, you’ll get almost every possible call center feature included for free. Imagine unlimited extensions, call recordings, auto attendants, call forwarding, custom hold music, and more, all just for being one of our customers. The possibilities for 2015 are bright, and it can begin with John William’s “Imperial March” greeting anyone who dares to call you. (Although for legal and ethical purposes, we would probably advise against it!)

Resolution #2: Wherever You Go, We’ll Be There

It’s hard to say that without sounding a little creepy, but we mean it in a “trust fall” kind of way. We keep pace with the big boys, only using SSAE16-certified datacenters, which offer the highest levels of security and reliability standards. And with over eight of these datacenters spread across North America, you won’t ever have to worry about dropped calls or awkward echoes during your most important meetings. With Jive, we promise that Voice over IP won’t mean that you’re a “voice in the void.”

And if you need calls from your office on the run? We’ve got you covered with Jive mobile apps, a few handy applications that allow calls from your computer, mobile phone, or even CRM.

Resolution #3: No Mountain too High, No Customer too Small

We may dream big, but at Jive, there’s no such thing as a “small” customer. That’s why we’re rated number one in VoIP customer service nationwide. All of our support staff is US-based, which makes it easy for small and medium business owners to get rolling and receive our continued support. And our friendly customer service agents are available 24/7, waiting to serve at your beck and call. There may be a few minor delays if you ask for filet mignon and a glass of champagne, but hey! Give us time, and that just might be a possibility. We care that much.

So amidst the glittering parties, countdowns to midnight, and the excitement of a brand new year, take time to reflect on your telephony resolutions. And when you do, Jive will be here waiting for you.

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