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How To Make Calls “From The Office” When You’re Snowed In at Home

Kristy needs to check in with a couple clients by early afternoon, and at 2:00 P.M. she has a big conference call in preparation for the big product launch next week.

One problem: she’s currently snowed in at home.

Her Internet connection is live, so she can send emails. But you can’t email a conference call conversation, and she needs time-sensitive information from her clients. She could use her cell phone, but she doesn’t like to use her personal number with work relationships.

Does Kristy cancel her phone appointments and lose a day of productivity?

Nope. Her company has Jive.

Her clients won’t know that she’s at home keeping warm in her sweats because she called them with her office number through the softphone on her computer. She also has the Jive app on her phone, so she won’t miss the call from Accounting when she’s in the kitchen making lunch.

And before you give Kristy too much credit for her foresight, she didn’t have this set up before leaving the office the day before. She logged in to her Jive account this morning and made the call routing changes when she saw the snow drifts outside.

Besides the cost-effectiveness, reliability, and ease of use of VoIP phone systems, flexibility is a wonderful benefit that doesn’t get as much mention. Because the phone system is entirely Internet-based, changes to the system are made in real-time for the individual or the entire system and you don’t even need a dedicated IP office phone to make calls with Jive.

Do you want to make this level of phone flexibility available to your business? Contact a sales rep today or take a tour of Jive’s features.

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