December 6, 2013 | By

The Magic of Silicon Slopes


That name. Now it’s a headline, flashing across internet articles, broadcasting from shiny startup companies’ million-dollar buildings and pulling people to Utah: Silicon Slopes.

Everybody out there has heard of Silicon Valley, but the Slopes, at least, are fairly new. The term came out of nowhere a few years ago as an idea to brand Utah’s tech culture, and brand it it did. Utah has a reputation for being a burgeoning tech center, and entrepreneurs, tech transplants from other states and countries, and young professionals fresh out of school are drinking in the magic water sprinkled (or snowed) on the Silicon Slopes region. The area boasts being ranked as one of the best places for business in the country, perks like Google Fiber, which is headed for Provo, Utah in the near future, and educational and recruitment opportunities in the many nearby universities.

Jive is one of the many companies to benefit from the fertile ground primed for technology startups. The company was kickstarted in 2006 by four friends, and it has been growing steadily since then, thanks to the business-friendly, tech-friendly environment of the Slopes, the employee-centered and enthusiasm-centered culture of Jive, and the stellar people attracted to the combination. At this point in 2013, several new developers sign on each month, and with more and more people seeing the power of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, Jive has no plans for slowing down its recruiting or its market expansion.

Why would you want to join Jive on Silicon Slopes? The better question, honestly, is why not? The outdoors, resplendent with world-class skiing, rock climbing, hiking, and more, is Jive’s backyard. Unified communications, pushed forward by technology opportunities and fantastic developers, is Jive’s future. I could go on, but these few tidbits should be enough to get you at least thinking about a future on the Slopes. There really is something magic in the water; take advantage of it.

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