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Linked: Call Centers and Social Media

Yesteryear’s traditional customer service call center is rapidly changing and evolving into simply “call centers.” Call centers don’t simply rely on customers calling in anymore. Today’s viral world must incorporate a variety of social media outlets to help provide additional customer service and query outlets to consumers.

Social media, which has forever changed and redefined the social world, includes sites such as Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. Many call centers are incorporating email, web resources and social media to help improve customer satisfaction and the likelihood that customers will recommend businesses and/or products to friends and family.

While most companies utilize business VoIP services in their call centers, social media is simply an additional outlet. This non-phone-based channel is not designed for first-time questions or concerns, but rather is a damage control mechanism – a very necessary one in today’s vocal anonymous Internet driven world.

In fact, statistics have shown that customers who have posted an experience with a business on a social media website and then received a follow-up from the company, average a satisfaction rate of 20-percent higher than customers who received no follow up from a company. Additionally, statistics also show that consumers’ recommendations in these cases also increased by 15-percent.

While most small businesses have created a vast number of social media business sites, the true value for professionals is in LinkedIn, instead of Twitter. In fact, 41-percent of businesses say they can see the value in LinkedIn for business purposes. However, statistics also show that Twitter is hitting a big mark with small businesses. Effectively, small businesses make up the majority of the U.S. market and in turn are important revenue generators for large tech companies, such as Google.

Another popular social advertising tool is QR codes. While these are not popular among older generations, nearly 27-percent of today’s younger generation has scanned a QR code, only to be linked to additional information online. QR codes are excellent for coupons, additional information, rewards and the latest company deals.

Jive, a leader in the business VoIP industry, strives to bring their consumers the latest news, including advertising, social media and Internet tools. Helping companies incorporate advanced technology, all while saving thousands of dollars, Jive strives to help companies improve their track records, especially in consumer care departments. Jive understands how important repeat business is for companies. In fact, the ability to capture a general customer database and turn them into long-term clients is potentially lucrative for any type of business and/or company, albeit it a large enterprise or small business.

Jive works with companies of all sizes, helping provide phone systems for small businesses, Hosted PBX systems and even government related business VoIP systems.

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