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Jive’s Paradox Explained: Quality, Service, and Price

Conventional Marketing Wisdom

When I was an MBA student, my marketing professor—a grizzled veteran of the business world—taught our marketing class that companies can only excel and differentiate in one of three areas where customers derive value: quality, service, and price.  The professor used the classic and opposing examples of WalMart and Nordstrom in the retail industry to drive the point home. Jive Communications has seemingly defied this basic marketing principle by delivering value in all three of these areas. How is this possible?

 Quality: Mr. Moore Is Right,

Jive offers feature-rich UC, world class customer service, and technical support at a very competitive monthly price.  Is it a true paradox?  Perhaps.  The explanation lies in an understanding of the underlying technology and economic influences at play in the world today.

 In 1965, Gordon Moore, a co-founder of Intel, observed that the number of transistors in a given integrated circuit would double roughly every two years.  That trend has held true for the past 49 years and continues to trend in the same manner.

The correlation to this key observation is that computing power increases while prices drop, enabling companies to take advantage of the price/performance curve.  If you couple this trend with Jive’s own technology innovation and unique development approach, you have a robust and high-quality UC offering.

Service: Build It and They Will Come

Another factor contributing to the paradox-busting notion is the prevalence of broadband in countries such as the U.S.  According to the U.S. federal government’s National Broadband Plan, nearly 80% of the U.S. is connected via broadband to the Internet.  Broadband services for business customers are widely available in a number of forms and providers, and they also enable robust access to hosted-service providers.  Broadband penetration in turn enables “over-the-top” application, allowing service providers to introduce new and compelling services to the market.  Jive’s service is built on this concept, using our platform to give clients easy access to our innovative suite of UC features.

The book The Big Switch: Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google by Nicolas Carr captured the evolving nature of networks and the Internet well by describing the “network as a utility.”  And that is certainly true, in that today’s users expect the network to be available on a 24x7x365 basis—and cloud-based services certainly feed that expectation.

Jive captures the value of cloud-based services by utilizing multiple datacenters across the country to house our hardware and software platform.  These secure, highly available hosting facilities are run by companies who are SSAE16 certified and have a core competency in this area.  As a result, Jive is able to deliver an enterprise-grade system that is fast, secure, and reliable.

Price: Organization (and Cost) Structure Matters

Many legacy players in the UC industry, especially those that offer premise-based systems and those that offer outdated TDM-based services, carry large and complex organization structures built around the original charter for their business.  Jive is a next-generation UC company not tied to or weighted down by those considerations. Because Jive owns its own platform, operates in the cloud, and offers its suite of features in an all-inclusive, per seat price, our customers don’t have to pay these ‘extras’ or ‘add-ons’ such as licensing fees, hardware and software, maintenance, or new features. It’s simple and you know exactly what you are getting for an affordable monthly price.

Facing the World the Way It Is

I am sure my marketing professor would be captivated by the economic and technology trends of today and agree that the world truly doesn’t stand still. Also that standing paradigms and schools of thought exist in part to be challenged and disrupted—as proven by Jive. Jive continues to excel and add value in quality, service, and price.  And, oh, by the way, Mr. Marketing Professor, it sure is fun to create a paradox or two along the way! Find out today how Jive provides value to our customers across all three of the quality, service, and price dimensions.


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