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Jive’s Online Hosted PBX

Jive has a unique hosted PBX system that allows businesses of all types and sizes to easily manage their phone system online.

This business VoIP online system allows employers and employees to easily manage telephone numbers, including users and other VoIP business telecommunications devices quickly and easily. This easy to use, intuitive online-based program allows real-time updates, including call-forwarding features.

Jive Core is a cloud PBX based system that offers simple drag and drop features and commands. For example, simple dial, when a call should time out, external number forwarding, modification of caller ID, changing passwords, user groups, wait time options, jump to dial plans, hang up features, auto attendants, call queue, conference room abilities, directory assistance and the ability to check voicemails.

Devices are easily managed through Jive’s online program and extensions can be customized by lines, ring groups, types of call queues, dial plans and shared voicemail boxes.

Messages can be left on Jive’s voice mail system based on the extension being “busy” or “unavailable.” Schedules can also be personalized for weekday hours, weekends or provide holiday hours information.

Custom playlists are also easily uploaded within this program, giving companies the ability to create custom audio based on the company’s type of business, services offered, holiday theme music and much more.

All tools and system configuration options are also accessible to this menu, making it simple for managers and employees to customize Jive’s specific calling features so it meets their individualized needs.

Call analytics is an amazing feature offered by Jive. It allows businesses to easily analyze how Jive’s phone system is being utilized. The information is in printout form or in graph form and includes where calls originate, what extensions receive the highest call volume (depending upon departments), the peak call volume hours and more.

The aforementioned system is included with Jive’s services and is covered in a month-to-month service contract. U.S. technical support and customer service are available so employers have the ability to contact Jive directly to inquire if there is a specific type of report that interests them, one that offers a breakdown based on certain parameters, etc.

Jive strives to serve not only small and medium-sized businesses, but large enterprise corporations and a number of industries within the public sector. Contact Jive today for additional information!

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