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Jive’s Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP systems offer a number of features that traditional telecommunication systems lacked. Not only are business VoIP systems more reliable, they greatly increase employee productivity.

VoIP hosted systems require limited physical equipment, usually just a high-quality router device. IP-type telephones are highly recommended, but not required.

The financial savings of switching from a traditional system to a hosted VoIP system are substantial. Additionally, hosted systems require low capital requirements, as they are able to utilize most existing data networks.

Other additional benefits of switching to a hosted system includes: standard-based equipment; combined voice, data and video; one single provider with one number; greatly simplifies physical moves; additions and changes; predictable monthly invoices; greater flexibility to accommodate company changes; professional voice infrastructure; end-user control; disaster recovery; cohesive services across a number of company locations; remote user support; advanced features; mobile phone integration; and a unified communications plan.

With a low risk of obsolescence, hosted VoIP allows organizations to grow their technologies or reduce them during tough economic times. Consolidating locations has never been easier!

Jive does not require any upfront payments and no payment are due until the service is on and fully functional. Even in the event of an emergency, if the local internet line fails, Jive ensures that customers can still make emergency 911 calls.

Jive also offers advanced features for remote users. This enables companies to accommodate employees that work from home or travel. As long as an employee has access to a broadband connection, he/she can use his/her VoIP enabled phone and access all available features. This type of fully functional system allows employees to be productive whether they are in an office environment or in the airport.

Additional features include unified messaging, which sends voice mail messages directly to employee’s email inboxes. The Find-Me Follow-Me feature allows employees to record their daily schedules so calls automatically forward based on locale. Dial-In Conferencing is included at no additional cost to companies and allows employees to participate in conference calls. The Auto-Attendant feature allows automates voice call answering, allowing administrative staff to focus on other important tasks.

The unified communications system combines fax, EMS and email into one simple service. Paper-based machines are now outdated, with technology advancing forward and helping companies become more profitable.

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