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Jive’s Hosted Email

In today’s technologically advanced business world, email is no longer a luxury, but a must-have accessory. Hosted email is extremely reliable and affordable. Jive offers a variety of VoIP business services, including hosted PBX and advanced Broadband.

Hosted email manages email services from behind-the-scenes. There are a number of advantages to using Jive’s hosted email, including increased system uptime, which requires far less IT downtime. This service also harnesses the power of Microsoft Exchange servers, which provides email for more than 160 million people globally.

This type of email system is not only extremely cost-effective for businesses, but it also allows companies to customize scalability. Hosted email offers calendar management, task management, address lists and many other business-type functions. With this type of enhanced email, employees can access their email accounts from anywhere!

Administration is through an easy to use, web-based program. Hosted VoIP voicemails send over hosted email systems, allowing employees to receive voicemails directly in their inboxes. Jive also backs-up data daily and has a disaster recovery plan. This ensures smooth workflow and an uninterrupted work experience.

The hosted email works by preventing spam, offers real-time attack prevention, virus scanning, virus quarantine methods, policy enforcement based on companies needs and requirements, and custom spam filter management. Once emails have passed this rigorous, yet stealthily fast inspection, they deliver directly to the employee’s individual mailbox.

The benefits of switching to hosted email include:

  • Lower Costs – Not only is hosted email a more efficient means of delivery, but it helps to prevent hardware failure and outages. This helps improve employee’s productivity and companies have less downtime.
  • Productivity – American corporations are able to complete a higher workload than their international counterparts are. This is in part due to email, calendar coordination, team collaboration and advanced out-of-office mobility.
  • Security – Jive’s professionals actively monitor all hardware and software for attacks, firewall alerts, viruses and more. Not only does this keep a company’s computer system safe, but also offers additional protection to clients.
  • Scalability – Jive’s hosted email provides easy scalability options. Once a difficult endeavor for in-house IT teams to take on, Jive’s online system makes increasing or decreasing hosted email services as simple as 1-2-3.
  • Compliance – Jive focuses on increased security and is compliant with FERPA, COPPA and CIPA regulations.
  • Customization – Emails are easily customizable through Jive’s advanced platform, including logos, colors and links.

Jive strives to offer state-of-the-art technology with their advanced expertise in the hosted email industry. With an uptime guarantee, Jive’s hosted email business model offers advanced reliability, lower costs and increased productivity.

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