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Jive’s Enterprise Solutions

The advantages to enterprise VoIP hosted systems are numerous. Not only are these technologically advanced systems designed to serve large organizations and companies, but also they work to integrate technology into one streamlined source. Imagine one singular, solitary source for email, voice, video and data! The future is here – not only are these systems available through Jive, but they also greatly reduce overall business communication expenses.

The advantages of using hosted VoIP in enterprise sectors includes employees having improved access to efficiently retrieving voicemails, lower overall cost of ownership, both immediate and exceptional long-term cost savings, simplified management of business technology, flexibility when selecting features and reduced telecom administrator costs.

Jive offers advanced VoIP telecommunication systems, allowing companies to combine traditional desk phones, soft phones, digital phones and mobile handsets into one single solution. Jive offers a variety of VoIP compatible business phones that provide a number of effective and useful features, including conference phone features and even attendant consoles.

Their hosted VoIP features include integrating the following into business communications: auto attendants, voicemail, caller ID, hold music, call routing, virtual extensions, employee directories, call forwarding, call recording, call logs, call reports, unified messaging, message on hold, desktop integration, online fax, ring groups, visual dial plan editor, intercom features, call queues, speed dial, custom schedules, remote access, LDAP Integration, call transfers, online PBX controls and many more additional features.

Hosted video services are featured through Jive’s cloud PBX system. Not only does this allow large corporations to effectively communicate with branches, satellite offices, collaborating organizations, etc., they delivers the ability to converse one-on-one, or as large groups, with high-definition video. This advanced state-of-the-art technology allows managers to directly communicate with employees face-to-face, allows managers to provide detailed updates in a nurturing, open-communication environment and provides a reliable means of employee and staff interaction.

With the virtual world becoming a necessary part of day-to-day business interactions, Jive helps ease companies into this technology-driven environment, while dramatically lowering overhead communication costs and boosting the quality of current technology.

Hosted email features allow for advanced directory migration, customized features, including both visual and advanced editing, as well as message archiving.

Providing solutions that not only solve the dilemmas of today, but also provide long-term solutions for the future, Jive works with companies to streamline business and boost overall profits.

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