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Calling all Tired School IT Admins! Manage Your Phone System from a Laptop

Picture it: A teacher is frustrated. She’s been having trouble with her voicemail settings. Parents keep complaining that they can’t get to her voicemail when they call—the line simply disconnects, or sometimes gives a disconcerting error message.

You’re an IT admin. You hear about the voicemail pain, but you’re knee-deep in a data migration project. The task you’re working on is important, but this new issue is urgent. You have a short time window to walk over and fix the teacher’s issue before kids are back in the classroom, but you’re not even sure what the problem is. It could be 5 minutes, it could be an hour. If you have to call the system admin it’ll take more time. You’ve seen this situation a thousand times, and know the tradeoffs. What do you work on? You usually lose no matter what.

Not anymore. Your phones can be your favorite part of IT—with Jive, they’re easy again.

With Jive, every setting, every feature, and every configuration can be managed and changed from the admin web portal. Your challenge to correct the teacher’s voicemail problem is as simple as opening up the web portal and reviewing the settings on her device. No campus visits. No classroom sessions. You can adjust the settings instantly, visually spot any disconnects, and even test call her phone to ensure the voicemail is working properly. The great part is that you can do all this without disturbing the classroom. It’s as easy as a point-and-click fix. In fact, it’s so simple you can make the adjustment while you’re on a conference call about your data migration.

We work hard to make the web portal the most intuitive and seamless, real-time phone system management experience on the planet. With it:

    See a specific phone’s configurations and settings from the portal, including where that extension is routing calls, how long it rings until it goes to voicemail, whether voicemail-to-email is set up correctly, and the designated email address messages are sending to. Change these settings for the end user, or enable them to change them on their own end user web portal.

    Update the dial plan in real time with a drag-and-drop dial plan editor, allowing you to swap out sound files, navigate menu options, and adjust call routing configurations. Visually follow where all call flows go, and instantly spot trouble spots or broken loops. This is particularly useful with larger organizations, where call routing and dial configurations can get complicated or become tedious. You can see the Visual Dial Plan Editor in action here.

    Check reports on minutes used, time of day, or manage settings for a specific phone. Enable a teacher to whitelist or blacklist certain phone numbers, giving their spouse a direct line in by virtue of the phone number they’re using. See more on Call Analytics or Call Filters.

    Ditch your system administrator and instead run your system simply, on your own terms. Phone systems never should have been so hard to deal with in the first place. With Jive, they’re easy again. Should you ever forget how to perform a quick function, Jive’s leading 24/7 US-based support staff pride themselves on getting you the help you need quickly and cheerfully.

With 100% remote, real-time management of your phone system, little adjustments become easy, and big overhauls are intuitive. The system can be plug-and-play, enabling everything to be configured once and forgotten if desired; but for those looking for flexibility and control, Jive offers the most robust set of management features available in the Hosted VoIP market. Scalability, redundancy, disaster management, and mobility capabilities are all strengths of our Hosted VoIP solution—areas where traditional solutions fall short.

There’s a lot more to the utility of the Jive Hosted VoIP solution for schools. Read more about Mobility or Find-Me-Follow-Me, get the big picture with our White Paper on Cloud Voice, or better, get your top-of-mind questions answered by our Education team:

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