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Jive: Working with Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Jive is a business VoIP provider, which means that they provide high-quality telephone voice services over the Internet. Designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, Jive offers special functionality and services to both small and medium-sized businesses.

In an economy where companies are relocating to find more affordable office spaces, perhaps even a dynamite office building location has become available due to another company’s misfortune, Jive gives businesses the ability to easily relocate and move their business VoIP system.

Imagine the Internet as a cloud that encompasses the “sky’s ceiling” of a business. Through the Internet connects the company’s cable modem and phone adapter. From there the cable modem connects to each individual company computer and the phone adapter to each telephone. Essentially the “cloud” is now the all-powerful single source of company communication. It is the powerful hub that centralizes advanced technology, allowing it to run through one singular communication channel.

Not only is this technology highly advanced, yet simple to use, it is portable and scalable, meaning that if a company downsizes or expands in the future, the system will easily meet the company’s needs and requirements.

Instead of Accounts Receivable being responsible for managing multiple bills and service companies, such as an Internet provider, telephone provider, etc., Jive puts the power of having one single communication company in the palm of a business’ hand. Companies can easily manage both data services plans and voice lines with one low-cost provider – and to the advantage of significant monthly cost savings!

Jive also offers a variety of phone systems for small businesses, including entry-level systems, general-purpose, executive-grade, conference phones and attendant consoles.

They also boast five-tiered plans with low pricing. Ranging from basic plans that permit one to four users to those with more than 50 users, the plans range from $29.95 a month to $21.95 a month per user. No longer are telephone bills that have four digits common, but will merely become a thing of the past as VoIP phone systems become the future of today’s business technology.

Jive’s Broadband technology is also extremely affordable. Offering DSL, T1, Ethernet and DS3 lines ranging from $70 per month to $699 per month. With advanced technology at the fingertips of consumers, Jive also offers easy customer service solutions and works with customers to create unique solutions for their business.

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