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Volunteering at the Utah Food Bank: Jive Gives Back

This month, Jive employees left their desks to volunteer their time at the Utah Food Bank. The Utah Food Bank provides an invaluable service to Utah families, with a network of 141 agencies. Every day, hundreds of thousands of Utahns—many of them children—aren’t sure where their next meal is coming from.

“I didn’t know there was such a widespread need for something as basic as food in the state of Utah,” said Steve Bunch from Jive’s Development Department. “It was pretty sobering to hear how many people depend on the food bank.”

Fighting Hunger Statewide

donations to the utah food bank

The Utah Food Bank has been making a difference to the Utah community in one form or another since its founding in 1904. The food bank and its partners distributed almost 40 million pounds of food to all of Utah’s 29 counties last year.

Lindsey Choules from the Customer Experience Department commented on the sheer magnitude of the food bank’s contributions. “It was wonderful to see how this one hub in Salt Lake was responsible for filtering food to all parts of the state.”

Taylor Halladay from Jive’s Marketing Department, echoed these sentiments. “It was very encouraging to see how much food had been donated by the community. To see all there was at the food bank—and imagining how it went to people who really needed it—was a very humanizing experience. It reminded me of the value of life.”

The Utah Food Bank Needs Volunteers

fighting hunger in utah

In addition to food donations, the Utah Food Bank also relies heavily on volunteers. In 2016, volunteers donated over 82,000 hours of service, which roughly equals the efforts of 40 full-time employees. Those millions of pounds of food have to be sorted, boxed, and distributed by someone and volunteers make that all possible.

“It was pretty eye-opening how much food there was,” said Phil Manning from Jive’s Finance Department. “It made me realize how much they needed help. The cry for volunteers is certainly not them crying wolf. It was nice to help out and know that the food I sorted was going to people in need.”

Team Building at the Food Bank

jive volunteers at the utah food bank

The service opportunity also became a chance to build bridges between employees and departments, according to Ariel Benham. “It was a great team-building exercise. I worked with people I don’t normally see or interact with. And being able to perform this fast-paced act of service helped bridge some of the divides between departments and locations. At the very least, we can now put names to faces.”

Sarah Miles from the Billing Division echoed the same sentiment. “Going to the food bank was not only upbeat and fun, but we also got to know a little bit more about the unique individuals we work with at Jive!”

“I loved how amazing the team work was amongst Jive employees, and how fast and how much we were able to get done,” said Tina Frances from Customer Escalation Management. “There were so many of us who had never met the other Jive employees before, but we truly worked together like a family and smashed it out. The energy from the food bank regulars really contributed as well.”

Don’t Miss Out

volunteering at the utah food bank

Jive still has other service opportunities coming up in the next few months. Jive employees shouldn’t miss out on the chance to make a difference, and to get to know other members of the Jive family. The next act of service is scheduled for May 3, from 2 to 4 p.m. at 4242 South 300 West, Murray, UT. Volunteers will help our furry friends at the Humane Society of Utah.

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