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Jive Unveils the #JiveJeep

Jive Communications is not only solidifying itself in the telecommunications marketplace, but it’s also making its mark on American pop culture. When West Coast Customs’ new season airs this fall, Jive will be featured on one of its episodes to reveal our newest team member—the Jive Jeep.

However, you won’t have to wait that long to see the final results. This past week the Jive Jeep made its debut at Jive headquarters in Orem, Utah, and caused some excitement among employees. “When the Jeep pulled up, I was struck by the color, the clean lines, and the size,” Jenetta Woltjen in Billing excitedly expressed. “Those elements, along with the heavy bass from the stereo, represent all that is awesome about Jive—cutting edge, built from the ground up, customized, and fun.”

Since its inception in 2006, Jive has taken risks, displayed innovation, and made a statement in the industry. Similarly the Jive Jeep embodies these ideas. “I couldn’t help but be completely enamored by it—the way it grabs your attention is the same way Jive is grabbing everyone’s attention in our industry,” said Amanda Hill from HR.

Check out the Jeep reveal at Jive headquarters below:


Jive has partnered with West Coast Customs to provide their new facilities with our Hosted Voice services. It’s only fitting for a company know for its cutting-edge design to be fitted with a cutting-edge phone system. Additionally, Jive was very pleased with the custom job West Coast Customs performed. “The Jeep is awesome. It turned out better than we were anticipating. The rock crawler concept speaks to the fact that we are a Utah company, and the sleek look that West Coast gave it resonates with the innovation we are bringing to telecommunications and the software industry,” said Chief Marketing Officer, Matt Peterson.

Follow the Jeep on it’s adventures as it travels to different events and locations by following the hashtag #jivejeep on Twitter or by visiting

Visit for more on the Jive Jeep.

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