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Jive: Traditional Telephones vs. VoIP

Jive, an innovative leader in the Voice over Internet Protocol industry, is changing and revolutionizing the way companies conduct business, especially via telecommunications.

Traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) phone systems are simply private telephone networks. Telephone users share a set number of outside telephone lines, which allow external telephone calls. The advantage of a PBX network is that it connects these business telephones to a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Jive offers four distinct PBX phone systems, which include:

  1. PBX – This system operates via a private telephone network.
  2. Hosted PBX – This enables companies to change locations, company names, merge, etc., and the phone number will always remain the same, ensuring long-term clients will always be able to successfully locate a business. This type of system provides an array of features, including auto attendants and messaging capabilities.
  3. Hosted and Virtual IP PBX – This type of system utilizes Internet Protocol (IP) to provide services over a PBX system. Hosted systems allow companies to utilize this technology even if they do not have access to Internet Telephony. Features include receiving and making telephone calls, routing incoming calls to teams or departments, virtual receptionists, call transfers and voicemail.
  4. IP PBX – This system is not hosted, but is inexpensive and offers an array of functionality to any business environment, including voicemail boxes, extension groups, caller ID, Voicemail Callback, Voicemail Bypass, VoIP compatibility, system diagnostics, hold music, fax to email and much more.

VoIP business phone systems offer the most up-to-date advanced technology on the market. Designed to convert standard, traditional telephone call signals into digital data, they deliver voice calls seamlessly over the Internet or via a packet switched network system.

Below are some benefits to switching to business VoIP:

  • Utilizing a VoIP system enables businesses to make telephone calls directly over the Internet instead of a traditional landline phone.
  • VoIP services are considerably cheaper for businesses, helping save thousands of dollars in unnecessary monthly telecommunication fees and expenses.
  • VoIP for business is portable and extremely convenient, allowing a business to take this phone service with them anywhere, albeit it relocating or an employee traveling.
  • Advanced features are included in all of Jive’s VoIP business plans. These complementary features include call waiting, call forwarding, simultaneous multiple call ringing, voicemail, call transfers and three-way calling.
  • Additionally, VoIP phone systems are available to individual self-employed businesses, small offices and large corporate enterprises.

A perfect compliment to any business, Jive strives to help introduce companies to mainstream telecommunications while saving valuable revenues and profits.

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