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Jive Service Account Managers Attend Project Management Seminar


Project Manager Seminar

When you’re tearing it up in any industry, you’ve got to be ready to grow as a company. And since Jive has been leading the way in VoIP telephony solutions, our Service Account Management (SAM) team has gone from a department of two to a team of seven in just seven months.

Along with Jive’s increasing numbers, the SAM team’s roles have expanded, adding even more responsibilities to their job descriptions.

SAM Team Manager Geneise Morrison wanted to give the team a better perspective on the potential of their positions at Jive. “We play a vital role in the customer experience,” she said. “We continually manage tasks, issues, expectations, training, and overall experience on an ongoing basis. But we needed an organized structure to what we do daily.”

The principles of project management were a good fit for the team’s new challenges. So, on May 9, Morrison took her team to their first training seminar: “Fundamentals of Project Management,” held in Salt Lake City, UT. The Service Account Management Team’s goal was to gain a deeper understanding of the Project Management Model in an effort to provide all Jive clients with a world-class customer experience.

What They Learned

“This project management seminar really helped me grasp our role on a greater scope,” said Morrison. “Our team has several variables that go into play as we help coordinate and assist in successful phone system setups that add to a client’s existing business environment.”

A few of the key takeaways from the seminar were:

  • Project Manager Qualities. Success as a Project Manager depends on your knowledge of the task, your attitude throughout the project, and your ability to be flexible.

  • Engagement. A project has the best results when you have a fully engaged team committed to a project.

  • Personalities. The SAM department learned about different personality types and how to work with them.

Benefits to Jive

After the seminar, Morrison said: “Our goal as a team is to help our client not even recognize that they are in the midst of a total phone turnover process. We want this process to be as seamless as possible. This project management workshop gave us the tools and understanding to do just that.”

She explained that the seminar gave them great insights into how to work toward the same goal as a team, with everyone focused on the same results. “In the end, the benefit will be to our customers, because they will receive quick and flawless results.”

The SAM team looks forward to more opportunities to develop their skills and further expand their role as they provide Jive’s VoIP telephony solution to customers. Check out what others are saying about Jive’s stellar customer care–and never miss an update by following us on Twitter @getjive and adding us on Facebook.

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