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Jive April Retreat: Las Vegas

April is a special month for employees at Jive as it marks the time for the annual company retreat. This year about 270 Jivers descended on Las Vegas for a weekend of general mayhem. The creative team decided to take this opportunity to deck out our fellow Jivers in vegas-themed swag. In addition to hats and shirts featuring the Jive Jeep, we gave out temporary Jive tattoos, playing cards, and money clips stuffed with dollar bills.



Of course, once we were finished with the swag we couldn’t stop there. With the help of the executive team we organized a bowling tournament between about 25 Elvises (and 1 Marilyn) from Jive that took place during Saturday night’s dinner and Alabama Shakes concert at the Brooklyn Bowl.

In a room decorated out with cutouts of his face and full of people wearing said face on their chest, Jive CEO John Pope, decked out in his Elvis costume, gave his best attempt at singing “Viva Las Vegas.” We can certainly say no one there that night will forget it.



The night ended with a barrage of dollar bills shooting out of a cannon. It wouldn’t be Vegas without a money rain, right?


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