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Jive Hosts ng-conf Extended 2015

Developers around the world are gathering in Salt Lake City and in hosted sites from India to the UK to Argentina to Victoria to hear the inspired speakers and teachers at this year’s ng-conf.

Ng-conf is a two-day (March 5-6), single-track conference focused on delivering unrivaled training at the highest quality in the Angular JavaScript framework (a structural framework for powerful web apps). It is the first ever conference of its kind, and is being presented by the entire Google Angular team and other Angular experts.

They have topics covering everything from Ionic and Angular superpowers for mobile app development, to building platforms with Angular, to Isomorphic Angular, to what’s new in ngAnimate, and how to build the community and make more Angular devs.

Wintellect, a custom software and training organization, said of ng-conf: “This conference has made it clear that Angular is a force to be reckoned with and is not only gaining attention, but is being used in real world applications with success. The community is excited and supportive and the releases are coming quickly…”

Because of it’s growing popularity and mass scope, this is the birth year of ng-conf Extended. Those that can’t attend the conference in Salt Lake City have been invited to organize their own events, where you can participate in viewing the live feed of every session of ng-conf. Jive Communications is one of many hosting ng-conf extended this year at their headquarters in Orem, Utah.

Jive’s ng-conf Attendance

In addition to hosting an ng-conf extended event, Jive is sponsoring this year’s ng-conf kids program. This program has been built by Zaniac to work with kids in grades K-8 to help teach them Computer Programming skills during ng-conf! This will give them the opportunity to build real programming skills while helping them create their very own projects–fun videos and basic games that can be shared with friends and family online.

If you find yourself in Salt Lake City, stop by Jive’s booth in the exhibit hall, and if you haven’t tuned in, feel free to catch up on recent presentations online at

Interested in doing some AngularJS with Jive?  Check out Jive Careers.

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