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Jive Goes to Texas: CoSN Texas CTO Clinic

Technology is the future of education—and CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking) knows that as much as Jive does. That’s why this year, CoSN’s Texas CTO Clinic will focus specifically on new innovations in educational technology. And… you guessed it: Jive is attending!

What Is CoSN?

CoSN is the premier association for district technology leaders. CoSN represents over 10 million students nationwide, and is one of the leading organizations to provide teachers with management, leadership, and advocacy skills. CoSN has the future of America’s education system at the core of everything they do.

Why Is Jive Attending?

Jive Communications is a leading provider of Unified Communications for school systems all over the United States. For years Jive has been providing teachers, administrators, students, and parents with the best features and service in twenty-first century telecommunications (and it’s only getting better from here on out). Jive’s Hosted VoIP has all the unique features to keep any school running smoothly.

What Is the Texas CTO Clinic?

CoSN’s two-day clinic begins June 17 and is located in Austin at the University of Texas. The clinic will feature educational booths, breakout sessions, panel discussions, and keynote speakers, all creating an invaluable and innovative experience.

Jive wants to be part of your experience at CoSN’s Texas CTO Clinic—come visit at booth 15, where you’ll find the Jive team full of energy and answers to all your questions.

Can’t Make It?

If you’re unable to attend the clinic, or want to learn more about Jive, follow us on Twitter @getjive and add us on Facebook. To learn more specifically about our involvement with educational systems, check out our website.

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