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A Look at Jive Enterprise

Jive VoIP services include a range of customized plans designed for businesses of all sizes and types. The Enterprise business VoIP phone service is intended for large-scale companies and offers customized options based on geographical location. The Enterprise service includes features like a cloud PBX system and hosted VoIP, as well as the ability to dramatically lower fees for traditional telecommunications. With advanced features and a low cost of ownership, Jive Enterprise is designed to streamline a large company’s telecommunications system.

Key Features with Jive Enterprise

Jive’s Enterprise solution includes a fully managed, cloud-based system and advanced features with Enterprise-Grade Cloud PBX. Here are some of the best features of the Enterprise plan:

Hosted VoIP. Jive offers a range of plans and prices to large companies. Hosted VoIP includes features like auto attendant, voicemail, music or message on hold, call routing, virtual extensions, dial-by-name directory, call recording, call forwarding, call logs and reports, desktop integration, online fax, Visual Dial Plan Editor, intercom, call queues, find-me, follow-me, speed dial, custom schedules, remote access, LDAP Integration, call transfers, online PBX controls and more.
Hosted VoIP Phones. Jive has a range of VoIP phones as well as conference phones, sidecars and handsets. Each phone system is available at a discount and designed with Jive’s unique VoIP platform. All are pre-configured with each account and extension information for easy installation.
Hosted Video. Large corporations are increasingly requiring video conferencing. Jive offers a low-cost cloud-based platform with high definition and state-of-the-art technology.
Hosted Email. Jive offers hosted email platforms with an easy to use system that works with programs like Microsoft Exchange 2010, Outlook 2010, Lync and Outlook OWA. Companies may use their existing directories to setup and manage hosted accounts. Email through Jive includes customization with logos, brands, colors and links. Jive also facilitates archiving so corporations can comply with government requirements.
Broadband. Jive’s Enterprise solutions include broadband options for companies that use a high volume of data. Jive’s Broadband system is able to prioritize traffic and is available in DSL, T1, Ethernet and DS3. Plans range from $70 to $699 per month to suit any company’s needs.

Jive strives to provide world class hosted solutions to its clients. Companies all over the world have selected Jive Hosted VoIP and the many other extraordinary Jive UC solutions. Whatever business you’re in, Jive has a communications system that will perfectly meet your needs.

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