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Jive Goes to the Olympics

From Jive HQ – This winter, the Olympics came to Jive.
(Sorry Sochi, maybe next time.)

Jive knows how to work hard, so it’s only natural that we know how to play hard. Each of Jive’s 21 teams, from development to inside sales to marketing, were assigned a country based on their size and the number of actual Olympic participants from that particular country. They were then given three tasks: decorate, dress up, and get in the kitchen.

From U.S.A to Norway to Japan, the office was a melting pot of cultures and traditions—and let’s not forget the food! Between the decor, the costumes, and the culinary masterpieces, the competition was high and our Olympians were on the edge of their swivel chairs.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

On the last Friday of the 2014 Olympics, Jive celebrated. The day began with a smorgasbord of diverse dishes fit to feed an Olympian.

Olympic buffet

Lunch was the first event of the day. We piled our (multiple) plates high with culinary masterpieces. From pizza to “reindeer” meatballs, blueberry soup to fortune cookies, we filled ourselves to the brim. But at the end of the day when the votes had been cast the crowd favorite was the authentic Indian curry courtesy of the Dev team. Delicious!

Olympic Rings Cake

After getting our fill (and then some) we checked out the decorations around the office. Who needs a gold medal when you can have an Olympic ring, vanilla bean cake. First place went to…

Marketing's Swedish Decor

…Sweden (Marketing)! Marketing created an aquarium of Swedish fish, complete with suspended fish “swimming” in the air, a fishing pole, and endless Swedish fish for snacking.

Finland's Castle

A close second was the epic Finnish castle (Sales Engineering). In the spirit of Olympic competition, the Finns and Swedes engaged in some friendly rivalry evidenced by the castle signage and decor. We’re so glad they got this “Finnished” so we could all enjoy it.

German Fairy Tales Decor

Third place went to Germany (Channel Sales). Each cubicle featured a German fairy tale and an eclectic array of decorations—Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, and Red Riding Hood.

Norway and Switzerland

Other departments caught the decorating bug too. Here we have Norway (Billing) and Switzerland (Inside Sales).

China and Canada Decor

China (SAM) effortlessly combined their holiday decorations with their Chinese pride, while Canada (Customer Service) took a minimalist approach opting to display only their iconic maple leaf in and above every cubicle.

Swedish and Canadian Pride

While scouting out the competition in the decorations department, we also enjoyed the great display of costumes. First, second, and third place went to Sweden (Marketing)! Within the marketing team we had musical talent from Swedish House Mafia (and complementary performance) and ABBA, some traditional Swedish milkmaids (with a legitimate Swedish apron), and the Swedish Chef. Honorable mentions go to our Canadian sports fan.

Jive in Oklahoma

Let’s not forgot our Jive friends who participated in our Olympic party from all the way in Oklahoma and Alabama! Er…Canada and Ukraine. Your spirit and country pride was felt here in Utah.

Congrats and a big thank you to all who participated in the Jive Olympics! (And a big thank you to the Jive activity team who made the day possible.)

Can’t wait for summer of 2016!

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