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Dev Culture at Jive

Culture is a big deal at Jive Communications.  Not only do we want to say we offer the absolute best work environment in Utah for developers and engineers, we want to live it.  Our goals and aspirations are large, and we have a significant amount of work to do in order to reach them.  Regardless, we plug away, one small step at a time.  Continuous retrospection and improvement are not only our mantra, they are also our way of life.  We experiment, gather feedback, and continually adapt to meet changing needs and requirements.

Two months ago, we embarked on an experimental journey we called “Six Weeks of Arduinovation”.  Our goals for this experiment were simple:  in an effort to spark creativity, forge stronger team relationships, and reinforce our Dev culture, we provided our team members with free Arduino Uno development boards and software and asked them to go out and build something cool.  With only a few minor hitches (six weeks grew into eight weeks), the experiment took off and our intrepid team members rose to the challenge placed before them.

On Tuesday, May 13th, we joined in celebration for Arduinopalooza 2015.  Here, each participating innovator was given an opportunity to reveal their final products.  There is nothing quite as exciting as sharing in the triumphs and failures of your esteemed peers.  Arduinopalooza brought us together in ways we hadn’t previously anticipated.  As one team member stated, “I think these types of events are part of what set companies with great culture apart from the rest.”

Our dev team came up with some very clever arduinovations including an intelligent hydroponic terrarium, an open office sound level warning system, an implanted RFID actuation system, an intelligent NERF guided missile turret, and a CNC automated testing system. See some photos of the event below!

We look forward to similar experiments in the future.  As culture is so fundamental to our existence, Jive will continue to drive collaborative innovation and fun!

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