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Jive Culture: Generous Leadership

Jive’s rise as one of the nation’s top Cloud Voice providers has been matched with our recognition as the best provider in the industry to work for. Every member of the Jive family plays a part in this success, whether they are writing a new line of code or debugging an old one, designing networks or troubleshooting customer issues, or completing any of the thousands of other day-to-day tasks that make up the Jive solution. And within each Jiver’s realm of responsibility, he or she has the opportunity to be a leader.

Jive leaders are generous leaders. They give generously, empowering those they lead by clearly communicating context, providing consistent feedback, and celebrating every victory (even the small ones.)

Clearly Communicating Context

I once read that, “the best managers figure out how to get great outcomes by setting the appropriate context, rather than by trying to control their people.” Generous contextual leaders provide those they lead with direction on what must be done without dictating to them how it must be done. At Jive, our agile development methodology provides leaders across the entire organization with the ability to set aggressive goals, quickly identify what works (and what doesn’t) along the way, and continually innovate and iterate processes to achieve the best results.
Jive leaders are most successful when they set clear expectations (context) from the start, provide coaching and guidance as needed to execute, and then stand back and empower their people to succeed.
In addition, Jive leaders also know the importance of filling every role with meaning. There is a well known story related by Tom Peters about a hospital in the US that treats cancer. During a series of staff interviews, an interviewer asked a custodian what her job entailed. She responded, “I help to cure cancer.” That employee had a leader who took the time to provide her with context and meaning in her work. She could then see how the outcomes of her duties contributed to the hospital’s mission.

Providing Consistent Feedback and Support

It has been said that “the number one motivator of people is feedback on results.” The best leaders I know are generous with their feedback. They meet with their people regularly to hear reports on work completed, discuss issues, and give/receive feedback and mentoring. They understand that feedback does not always equal praise. Every team and every project needs guidance and course correction to get beyond challenges or achieve success. But great leaders – Jive leaders – work together with their teams to identify new solutions, track progress on stated goals, and continually improve the quality of their work.

Celebrating Every Victory

At Jive, we celebrate winning (and with our current rate of success we celebrate a lot!) Recognizing and rewarding the tremendous effort required to develop, sell, deploy, and maintain the Jive solution is integral to Jive’s culture. Further, generous leaders recognize individual accomplishment and celebrate individual victories (even the small ones) along the way.

The Results

The result of generous leadership is a corporate culture that fosters collaboration and rewards innovation—a culture that sets us apart from our competitors. At Jive, we are all invested in and proud to be a part of the Jive solution. If leaders do their jobs well, employees will want to come to work, will want to be a part of the solution we are creating, and will want to help in bringing Jive to the next level of success.

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