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Jive Core System for Increased Productivity

Jive Communications’ powerful cloud-based platform promises and delivers significant cost savings for your company. But more than that, the productivity-enhancing functionality that its back end offers is what makes Jive the leading hosted PBX provider.

Jive proudly presents its online system for its cloud PBX platform, which allows you to harness Jive Core’s functionalities through your high-speed internet connection. This easy-to-use system gives you the flexibility to meet your business requirements without having to wait for technicians to manually and physically make the changes and transfers for you. You can do it all online! With the system, you can manage and make changes and see these implemented in minutes, not hours or days.

Jive’s Communications Systems allows you to make changes and manage the following:

  • Users and user groups
  • Phone numbers
  • Devices
  • Extensions
  • Call queues and dial plans
  • Lines and ring groups
  • Voicemail boxes
  • Hold music and sound clips
  • Schedules

Breaking down barriers and boundaries

Since the system is manages and maintained off your premises and is not limited or tied to a particular location, your employees and agents can work at various branches and locations even as you are able to control and manage these in one centralized system. Employees and agents can work from home and still not miss a call from valued customers and vendors by using the Find-Me Follow-me functionality where they set up their locations for the day and their calls are automatically forwarded to the correct extension/location based on their schedule.

Using the Visual Dial Plan Editor

Designing your office call flow has never been easier. With the visual dial plan editor, you can simply drag and drop call elements such as to and for numbers, select ring groups and voice mail boxes, or assign pre-recorded messages or music.  With its visual capacity, you can easily design how calls can flow within your organization. You can also choose from pre-built options that come with the system.

Routing calls based on schedules is also easier as the system allows for time-based routing. This is ideal for businesses that have other branches or where agents or other employees work on adjusted schedules. It also allows you to adjust your call flows for changes in work schedules – weekdays, weekends or holidays. In addition, you can set up advanced call features such as Find-Me Follow-me and Auto-attendant (automated messages) with ease and without the need for buying additional hardware. A few clicks with your mouse enable you to design sequential ring steps, call confirmation as well as caller ID pass-through.

Jive Call Analytics

Another powerful tool provided by Jive’s backend system is its call analytics. This allows you to study call patterns and gain deeper insights as to how your business uses the phone system. You can improve work and call flows by having key call information at your fingertips. With the call analytics function, you can get information as to call volumes at specific times of the day and at specific locations. You can filter further to determine the call type and the number that receives the most calls, as well as which staff members make and receive the most calls.

Jive’s Hosted VoIP services provide you with a great array of features and functionalities, all without your having to pay an arm and a leg.  The services are also supported by industry-leading SLA’s, giving you a robust system that runs at four nines reliability. Now, that’s an enterprise class system that can help you grow your business!

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