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Jive Communications for Your Business Requirements

Jive gives you the solutions for your unique business communications needs. Whether you require multiple business lines connected to one phone line or multiple extension numbers for one line, Jive’s cloud-based pbx platform delivers high quality hosted communications services that gives your company’s phone system that professional polish. You can customize call flows, assign pre-recorded messages and music and even link 800 numbers to your regular local business number.

With a highly-reliable and scalable business VoIP system, you can immediately enjoy savings and top-notch functionality at a significantly lower price than standard legacy systems. A fully-functional yet affordable PBX system is no longer a dream, particularly for small to medium businesses where start-up, upgrade and maintenance costs of traditional PBX systems make a significant dent on the company budget.

Walking (and working) in the Cloud

It’s in the cloud…  The internet has long been changing the way we do business, including our communications. Jive proudly offers its proprietary cloud-based system, where voice and data communications harness the speed, power and availability of the public Internet. Hence, the term, “it’s in the cloud”. The beauty of the hosted PBX system is that it is completely off-premise and does not require the massive infrastructure (hardware and software) commonly found in traditional phone systems. This means that you can make calls, receive calls, add a line, change an extension number and so on with an easy-to-use system by accessing your account via Jive’s web interface.

The “cloud” enables you to enjoy the features of a powerful communications system without worrying about its technical aspects.  Jive has built and maintains the platform and you just pick and choose the features you want for your business. 

Here are some of the advantages of Jive Core (hosted PBX system):

  • Low capital requirements.  The biggest startup costs would only be for the IP phones. In contrast, the traditional PBX system will require not just phones, but also licensing and maintenance contracts, as well as servers and related equipment. You don’t also have to worry about proprietary equipment that you won’t be able to use for other vendors. Jive uses standard equipment for greater flexibility.
  • High scalability, low obsolescence risk. Since Jive owns and manages the voice and data infrastructure, you can add or deduct lines as your organization requires without a lot of fuss and expense. The system can also be used for 10 or 10,000 users so there is no danger of outgrowing the solution.
  • Easy to use system. Control and manage your calls, handle moves, additions and changes to users and offices through a simplified, intuitive web-based interface. You don’t have to call in technicians that may charge you every time they visit. Changes don’t require hours or days, just minutes using a point-and-click system.
  • Savings on calls. Not only can you make calls to local phone numbers, you can also use VoIP for long distance calls. This amounts to huge savings. With Jive plans, calls made locally and long-distance are usually added to the package.
  • More value-added features. You can enjoy quite a number of value-added features such as call forwarding, caller ID, voice mail,  conference calling, easy to manage ring groups and call queues, find-me follow me and custom schedules.
  • Visual Dial Plan Editor. One of the most powerful tools provided by Jive is its Visual Dial Plan Editor, where you can simply drag and drop icons to create a number of unique dial plans that fit varying office schedules, changing workdays and so on.

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